Google Reveals $99 Nexus Games Console

Android-powered device plays games and movies.

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Google has unveiled the Nexus Player, its Android-powered TV-console that plays games and movies.

Boasting 8 GB of internal storage, the Google microconsole is powered by an Intel Atom quad-core processor, clocked at 1.8GHz, with 1 GB of RAM and an Imagination PowerVR Series 6 graphics engine. It also comes with a custom remote and the system can be navigated by voice commands.

A custom operating system, called Android TV, features space for games as well as movie apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. The games library features mobile Android games, ands as such does not yet feature content custom built for TV screens.

However, Google has also built a games controller that can be purchased separately for $40. It features a common arrangement of face buttons, shoulder buttons and dual analogue sticks.

The system costs $99, putting it in direct competition with other Microconsoles such as the Ouya, PlayStation TV, and Apple TV.

In the US, the Nexus Player will cost $99 and launches November 3. A UK release date and price has not been confirmed.

Take a closer look at the system in the gallery below.

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There is one thing that most people seem to be missing here and that is the possibility for Steam in-home streaming. Ok so it is not possible at the moment on android, but according to the steam support page, "The client has more modest requirements, but should have a GPU that supports hardware accelerated H264 decoding." Something that this will be able to do natively.

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Yes it is. Search for Limelight in the play store. Requires Nvidia GameStream.

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Meh. Another year, another Android console. Nothing special. Also I don't like that pie shape design, they could had just made it look like a candy bar like all the other Android consoles.

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This isn't an Android console, Google never said console. It's a media player for playing music, podcasts, movies, TV and photos that can also run Android games and stream PC games if you want to buy the controller. Also this isn't just another Android this ones from Google directly and it also functions like a Chromecast. This is a Chromecadt pro.

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That controller is identical to the one that came bundled with the OnLive microconsole. There were rumors circulating that Asus was sniffing around the company's overseas hardware supplier but at the time it was suspected Asus was about to release their own system (called the Gamebox). It's certainly a good controller but man, another Android console?! I'm starting to lose count and I'm active in the industry; poor saps looking for a streaming box that can play Android games must be positively overwhelmed.

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That controller is pretty much an exact cross between a Xbox1 and a PS4 controller. No prizes for guessing their design process...

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just ... why

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Great for emulators aaaaannnnnnnd....that's about it.

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I wonder if it will be able to download plex/xbmc...if so, it's a cheap media client.

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Avatar image for Bleak5170

Not going to get burned again like I did with the Ouya. *shudder*

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well, the controller seems really good and the price is not that bad. I'd buy it for the android tv and to play retro games on it "emulators"

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Lol, android games on a TV. In my opinion, these are the ugly little time-wasters you play when you're on a short bus/train ride. I do not understand why someone would want to play these on a TV. If you're interested in games - you're doing it wrong!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> It's great for emulators on your TV, if your computer sucks.

Avatar image for pedrovay2003

<< LINK REMOVED >> The Sonic The Hedgehog remasters say hi. Crazy Taxi in 1080p and without a butchered soundtrack says hi, too.

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Atom processor, *fart noise*. Android game console, *fart noise*.

I think I like the controller, maybe? Does anyone actually want to play Android games on their TV?

Avatar image for Rushaoz

<< LINK REMOVED >> Well I use my Galaxy s4 and an MHL to HDMI cable to play my emulators on my TV using a PS3 controller. So I'm guessing yes is what I'm saying.

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I use my PC and HDMI, with a 360 controller. And I guarantee my emulation is better than yours.

No reason to use an Android machine for emulation, that's just stupid (my PC has hundreds of times more space on it than your Android device, and can emulate at least three times as many devices).

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This Nexus is most likely going to fail.

The only microconsole that's actually worth something is the PS TV. There are some really awesome Vita games around, and you can play original PS and PSP games on it.

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I would almost disagree with you, except that I'd rather play Vita games on a TV about a million times more than I'd want to play Android games on a TV.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Why would you almost disagree?

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I don't see what this microconsole has to offer that one doesn't already have through other devices.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Well considering the fact that it's google, i'd imagine it will let you play everything you have already purchased via android phone. No other microconsole allows you to do such a thing. That would be the only reason I would buy it. Just think, it's a chromecast (35$) + you can play all the games you've already bought on your phone. This would be the single best deal out of all of the microconsoles that support android.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Yea, for people deep into Google's ecosystem, who don't already own a console, this could be a nice addition. Anything they've purchased on the Play Store they could presumably access on this device. And people are dissing Android gaming but it's shaping up - the Tell Tale games like The Walking Dead, Trine 2, Half Life 2, lots of RPG's and point-and-click adventure games. I don't see myself ever being a big mobile gamer, but once I get my hands on the Nexus 9 with its Tegra K1 processor maybe I'll change my mind.

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I haven't bought a single damn game for my phone, because IT'S A PHONE AND PHONE GAMES SUCK.

Avatar image for AyatollaofRnR

I really want to play mobile games on my TV..... said no one ever

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just what we need more consoles that underpowered

Avatar image for VenkmanPHD

<< LINK REMOVED >> Being underpowered isn't the issue. Not having games worth playing is.

The Wii U is vastly underpowered, but that doesn't make Super Mario 3D World any less fun.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> And I am surprised how good Mario Kart 8 looks and runs, and was even impressed with Pikmin 3 at times. If the early Zelda footage is any indication of the final product that will be amazing as well. They don't have the juice to pump realistic current gen visuals, but they work with their art styles to still make beautiful stuff.

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Ok, so judging by the comments here we can all agree that android hasn't brought much to the table.

This is in part because Android gaming performance has been previously bottle necked for a multitude of reasons:

- Java Dalvik VM - What Hardcore, high performance, 'AAA' games have been written in Java?

- Lack of linux support for gaming.

- Microsoft has historically taken stage with DirectX leaving OpenGL in dust.

- Lack of dedicated hardware qualified, and supported by the OS owner. (Ouya is 3rd party)

However, Google has made some significant changes to its tools in support of game developers.

- Android NDK (Native Development Kit) - Devs can now utilize graphic hardware better with native (C++) code

- OpenGL is getting massive updates in part by Linux Gaming push from SteamOS

- If Google's name is going on this product, they will likely back it up and even support devs as Miscrosoft and Sony support their devs (This is also different from Ouya & FireTV)

The more tools devs are given that reach parody with traditional platforms (MS Windows, MS Xbox, Sony PS, Nintendo), the better games they can create... As of now though... it is very difficult (near impossible) for devs to create comparable games.

All Google needs is one major IP to win the stage...

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What games? Pac man?

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Man another micro console just how many of these things are we gonna see? So this thing vs Amazon's Fire TV who wins?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> This is probably the better comparison for this product. It's not really here to compete with the PS4, Vita, XB1, or the DS (any model). It's here to compete with the Amazon FireTV, Roku, Apple TV, etc...And if it will allow me to install XBMC, it'll be a win, because you can't build a decent client for less than $100, except a Raspberry Pi, but it's definitely lacking in Power because certain skins/themes are very sluggish on it...Also changing channels is very slow.

Avatar image for redeemed87


It's not XBMC anymore. It's Kodi.

Avatar image for gajbutler

Now we can play all those amazing Android games on our TVs..... oh wait with Screen mirroring I can already do that... oh and there are no good Android games.

Avatar image for Marky360


Lets not forget you could already do this with all the other Android powered micro consoles on the market.

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In a few years when adroid games actually get big and more emmersive ( I mean look at the phone technology lately and big time publishers eager to bring bigger games to the mobile market like EA) this could be a good idea but they'll probably have a new one out by then too at least it has Netflix Youtube and Hulu unlike the Playstation TV so it is a more open ecosystem but outsite of movie, music, and TV entertainment there isn't alot of quality content for games

Avatar image for Marky360


How does the PlayStation TV not have thoes apps doesn't it feature everything a Vita does and I know the Vita has all that.

Avatar image for ndustry

@Marky360 @ndustry Ya I know I Nhave a VIta but the Apps don't work on the PSTV it has something to do with them wanting you to use music and video unlimited I'm sure and they said they currently have no plans to support Netflix so i might not even be coming

Avatar image for ndustry

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Ya I know I Nhave a VIta but the Apps don't work on the PSTV it has something to do with them wanting you to use music and video unlimited I'm sure

Avatar image for hystavito

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> As far as I know the PlaystationTV currently has no Netflix app, and perhaps other Vita apps are missing too. Yes it sounds dumb, especially not having Netflix.

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For 140 you'd be much better off buying a ps3

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these "phone consoles" are not going to do well in the gaming department. why play mediocre (for the most part) android games upscaled on you tv when you can have a better experience on your phone? such games were designed with touch screens in mind and not with a controller. as for all the other features? dozens of competing boxes already have the same functionality. i can't say this box will set itself apart unless you are deep into the google ecosystem and consistently purchase movies and tv shows from there. the controller does looks pretty good though. it is vastly superior to the junk ouya put out.

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Not sure these cheaper consoles will catch on. For the same price you could just get a used 360 or PS3 and be much better off in terms of hardware and games.

Avatar image for Marky360


That is so true.

Avatar image for Android21A

This is a cheap "game console" for poor Wal-mart families to buy their ADHD kids at Christmas, nothing more.

Avatar image for GraveUypo

i so want this to catch on, but i'm very skeptical.

i mean, attract real developers to android as opposed to the f2p river of crap that it currently has.

Avatar image for Ultra_Taco

That's actually not a bad looking controller.

Avatar image for wagcampbell09

FYI This is the same GPU series as Apple iPhone 6

Source: << LINK REMOVED >>

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Basically another crappy Ouya that will fail.

Andriod = Casual gaming.

Hardcore gamers will not buy this, and neither will casuals because they have their phones and tablets. Do not want to hook up a box to their TV to play games they play on their tablet. In fact the target audience for this probably doesn't even know how to hook this up to their TV without paying the Best Buy geek squad to come out and do it for them.