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Google Reveals $99 Nexus Games Console

Android-powered device plays games and movies.

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Google has unveiled the Nexus Player, its Android-powered TV-console that plays games and movies.

Boasting 8 GB of internal storage, the Google microconsole is powered by an Intel Atom quad-core processor, clocked at 1.8GHz, with 1 GB of RAM and an Imagination PowerVR Series 6 graphics engine. It also comes with a custom remote and the system can be navigated by voice commands.

A custom operating system, called Android TV, features space for games as well as movie apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. The games library features mobile Android games, ands as such does not yet feature content custom built for TV screens.

However, Google has also built a games controller that can be purchased separately for $40. It features a common arrangement of face buttons, shoulder buttons and dual analogue sticks.

The system costs $99, putting it in direct competition with other Microconsoles such as the Ouya, PlayStation TV, and Apple TV.

In the US, the Nexus Player will cost $99 and launches November 3. A UK release date and price has not been confirmed.

Take a closer look at the system in the gallery below.

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