Google Glass games shown off in video

A video from Google shows off a few mini-games for Glass.

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Google has released a short video that shows off a few mini-games for Glass, which demonstrate how you might use the wearable computer to play games in the future.

Overall the video shows off five demos. In Tennis, the player moves his head to control a racket and serve back the ball. In a Balance, the player shifts his head to keep a pile of shapes from falling down. In Clay Shooter, the player says "pull," then fires at "pigeons" by saying "bang." Shape Splitter looks very much like Fruit Ninja, with the player using his hands to slice shapes apart as they appear in the Goggle Glass display. Finally, Matcher is a typical card matching game, only you use your head movements to select the cards.

All games make use of the Google Glass gyroscope and accelerometer.

"With tons of tiny sensors and a screen that fits neatly above the eye, Glass is an exciting new place to play," Goggle said. "We hacked together five simple games that experiment with the unique features of Glass and demonstrate some of the possibilities for gaming."

Last week, we also heard that Google is working on its own Android-powered games console.

If you're one of the few that has Google Glass, you can get the games from the Google Developers page.

Does this show you a future for Google Glass as a gaming platform?

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