Google developing its own Android-powered games console - Report

Wall Street Journal reports Google is expected to launch an Android-powered video games console later this year.


Internet giant Google is working on its own Android-powered games console, a new report claims.

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Google intends to release the console later this year, alongside an Android-powered wristwatch. The report adds that both devices are in production to compete with similar devices that Apple may release in the future.

WSJ sources add that Google has expectations that Apple will launch a gaming console as part of its next wave of Apple TV products.

One source says that Google is also keeping a watch on the $99 Ouya, the Android-powered microconsole that saw its public release this week. Amazon sold out of its Ouya stock earlier this week, although the console is now back in stock.

Both Google and Apple declined to comment.

Any upcoming video games hardware, from either Google or Apple, would have to compete with Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4, both of which will launch later this year.

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