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Google Chrome gets game store

Search giant unveils plans for a new app store featuring games and productivity apps, support for ratings and reviews.


Google's plans to include video games as part of its upcoming Web application store were revealed at the company's annual I/O conference in San Francisco this week.

According to CNET coverage of the event, Google previewed a version of its new app store--called the Chrome Web Store--in front of roughly 5,000 software developers, showing off a gallery of applications, including video games, magazines, and productivity apps.

The company told the conference the new store will also include ratings, reviews, and an e-commerce mechanism. However, the store is different from something like the Apple App store, which is composed of applications that run within the browser, not outside of it.

Google told the conference that the new Chrome Web Store would be available to the 70 million people who currently use the Chrome browser, as well as to those who will use the coming Chrome operating system.

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