Goofy Tycoon Simulator PC Game Lets You Dress Up Your Dinosaurs

Become your own Hammond.


Washbear Studio has announced that the developer's dinosaur-themed park tycoon simulation game, Parkasaurus, is entering Early Access. The title costs $20/€20.

Parkasaurus plays out like a goofy Jurassic Park where you're primarily responsible for designing the dinosaur exhibits and taking care of the needs of your customers. At the game's launch, you'll have access to 80 buildable items, four different employee types, and 24 dinosaurs. Washbear Studio has more planned.

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Every dino begins life as an egg, which you must hatch and raise to adulthood. To help you keep track of every dinosaur under your care--and to add some creative flair--you can accessorize your assortment of reptiles with sunglasses, neckties, and beanies.

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You have complete control of your park, from the biome systems to guest attractions. Visitors will leave reviews based on their time under your care, and it's up to you to decide whether you listen to their advice when building further park improvements. You do have to turn a profit to afford more expensive accessories or buildable items, so it's in your best interest to listen to what they have to say. If all else fails, you can cut your losses and unleash your hungry predators upon the populace. No customers, no complaints.

Parkasaurus is currently only scheduled for PC and comes to Steam Early Access on September 25. There is no planned console release.

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