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Goodbye Destiny, Hello Monster Hunter: World

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A new challenger.

Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter: World may seem superficially different, but look just a little deeper, and you'll see that they're trying to do very similar things.

The increasing number of "lifestyle games"--games you can return to daily, devote hundreds of hours to, and play almost out of habit-- means that it's harder than ever for us to devote our attention to one title. Recently, Mike Mahardy and Jake Dekker discovered that Monster Hunter World is making such a case.

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Unlike Destiny 2 and The Division, Monster Hunter feels as if it really values the time and effort we pour into it. We have more control over our rewards, more agency in our goals, and more fun throughout the entire process. In the video above, Mike and Jake explore the many ways Monster Hunter World has become their lifestyle game of choice.

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