Good News Gaming: KK Slider Covers And A Brilliant Real-Life RPG

Plus, a group of Halo: Reach players finally get an easter egg after 10 years of trying, and a stunning Dishonored 2 run.


It's time for another episode of Good News Gaming, where we bring you fun, cool, quirky, and hilarious things happening in the world of video games to make sure your spirits are high and there's a smile on your face.

This week we have news on a Halo Reach trick-jump that has been 10 years in the making. That's right, one dedicated group of players has been trying to get to an easter egg for 10 whole years, and their determination has finally paid off. It wasn't easy, especially since the mission where it is located is designed to put the player on the back foot by throwing an overwhelming number of enemies at you, but they got it done and the video is very impressive.

Speaking of things that are impressive, having had their buddy's bachelor/stag party canceled, a group of ingenious friends decided to make the most of a bad situation and put together a fun alternative. That alternative was a real-life RPG for their pal to play, complete with a remote-controlled car and GoPro feeds, friends acting like characters in the games, dungeons to explore, enemies to battle, and much more. It's really amazing.

In the tech world, Nvidia has released a plug-in that pretty much removes all background noise and make voice audio coming through a mic crystal clear. This will undoubtedly change the lives of folks that stream and create videos but have to deal with noisy environments. Of course, if you happen to do a lot of video calls and meetings, it's handy for that too.

Beyond that, there's a fart-based gameplay mechanic that was removed from Fable: The Lost Chapters, a jaw-dropping high-chaos stealth run in Dishonored 2, and--naturally--more cool Animal Crossing: New Horizons content--this week we've got KK Slider versions of iconic album covers.

We hope you enjoy watching this week's Good News Gaming and if you have any positive news from the world of video games that you'd like to share, let us know in the comments. We'll be keeping an eye on what you're saying, and it may show up in a future video.

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