Golf Club Wasteland Release Date Set For September 3

Lo-fi putts to chill to.


After failing to land an early retirement package deal with a gullible billionaire, Demagog Studio's upcoming game Golf Club: Wasteland will instead release on September 3 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Set on a future version of Earth that has been rendered inhabitable to human life while the ultra-rich fled to Mars, the next logical step for the rich and the bored was to turn the planet into one gigantic golf course.

Players will be able to delve into the story of just how Earth was turned into a wasteland as they take control of a lone astronaut who returns for one final round of golf. In between putts, players can piece together the fall of humanity at the hands of consumerism, Silicon Valley culture, and ecological disaster while a custom radio show-style soundtrack and environmental storytelling form the game's narrative.

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Golf Club: Wasteland was originally given a rough August release date, but Demagog Studios CEO Igor Simic explained that the slight delay into September came from the studio wanting to add some extra polish to the game.

"We initially said the game would be out in August, but we wanted to finish up some free extras we're adding so we pushed it by a week," Simic said. "Also, who even knows what time is anymore?"

When it launches, Golf Club: Wasteland will have several modes on offer, ranging from a casual experience to a difficult intermediate mode that adds extra challenges such as beating each hole under par. For those players looking for the ultimate test of their putting skills, Iron Mode provides zero margins for error.

There's been no shortage of golf games lately, from EA's regular PGA series to Nintendo's own swing at the genre with Mario Golf: Super Rush. Unfortunately, a proposed Happy Gilmore game probably won't join that roster.

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