GoldenEye remake coming to the Wii in 2010?

Rumor Control: Animator resume indicates that Activision may be readying a remake of the storied N64 shooter for Nintendo's new console next year.


Source: The indefatigable game-industry snoop Superannuation.

No word on whether Pierce Brosnan will make his triumphant return as 007.
No word on whether Pierce Brosnan will make his triumphant return as 007.

What we heard: As one of the best-rated games in history, Rare's GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 ranks high on many gamers' nostalgia list. However, despite occasional indications to the contrary, Rare's hallmark first-person shooter has yet to find its way to any of the downloadable shooters. Licensing issues are the cause for the omission, ranging from Microsoft's purchase of the studio from Nintendo in 2002 to Activision's acquisition of the James Bond game rights from EA in 2006.

However, it now appears as if headway has been made in those licensing issues, on some level at least. As spotted by Superannuation, the since-pulled online resume for a Eurocom Entertainment Software animator indicates that Activision is prepping a new GoldenEye game for the Wii in 2010. Eurocom has contributed to a number of Bond titles over the years, including Quantum of Solace, James Bond 007: Nightfire, The World Is Not Enough, and James Bond Jr.

That Activision is working a new James Bond title is no surprise. In December 2008, word emerged that Project Gotham Racing and Blur creator Bizarre Creations was at work on an original, vehicle-based Bond game unassociated with any film for a 2010 launch. Activision will also likely have a tie-in ready to launch alongside the next Daniel Craig-led Bond film in 2011.

Notably, as Eurocom has primarily handled development on Bond games for ancillary platforms, it remains unclear if the GoldenEye in question is one and the same as the game being developed by Bizarre Creations. Of course, that game hasn't been officially confirmed by Activision, either.

The official story: Activision had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus?: Looking not bogus that Activision is working on a GoldenEye game. However, what shape and scope that game will assume has yet to be seen.

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Wth is demmi crank doing in this, goldeneye was brosnans bonds game not his, stop ruining my childhood memories activision, bond died with brosnan and craig shouldn't be his replacement in this and where the hell is sean bean? Fail.

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lol quite amusing reading all of this after E3... so many people are having to eat their own words lol

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Get the Entire Goldeneye Cast to voice there Characters, Like Pierce Brosnan, and Sean Bean, Upgrade the Graphics to where the ports have no differences. No motion controls, add the Walther P99, and some other guns, remake the music, add some new unlockable levels from different Bond games and movies, and add online play and Boom! A new classic. DON"T MESS THIS ONE UP ACTIVISION! LIKE YOU DID TO QUANTUM OF SOLACE!

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just remake the game with the same style of gameplayas the original,give it next gen graphics like all these new 007 games have and add online play and you'll have a masterpiece remade easy and simple

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night the original goldeneye had problems to , rare removed some of the stuff , 21 cheats were ment for the game , seen in the beta are also the ability to play any of the following multiplayer levels w 4 players . facility-still are , bunker-only 3 players archives only 3 players in final beta 4 , and egyptain beta 4 final 2 also why were mayday and oddjob seen in the end credit screen when their not in the main story at all nor were bikers etc some of this was beta left overs

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Animator resume indicates that Activision may be readying a remake of the storied N64 shooter for Nintendo's new console next year. right there!

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Where does it say they are "remaking" the original Goldeneye. I keep reading they're making a "new" Goldeneye. Doesn't sound like the same thing to me.

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I played this game day in and day out for years, and now, being a modern gamer and game retailer, I can certainly say This is not the game for current gen players. Unless done right (which seems impossible as of now), this will be another resurrection of classic games gone wrong. It will be hacked apart by reviews from pampered gamers and their oh-so-prized COD, GoW, and L4d type shooter gameplay. Do us a favor, and leave the past in the past, but we all no that wont be happening...

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I vividly remember playing Golden Eye with my friends during college days until the wee hours of the morning - we even taped cardboard to the 34inch CRT screen to make sure the other guys couldn't see where we were so we could really duke it out. Sadly, I don't think this game would do very well in the Wii because its customer base doesn't seem too attracted to this genre of games (see Dead Space Extraction or The Conduit for recent examples). If they bring this game to Xbox or PS3, people will compare it against CoD, Bad Company, Uncharted, etc, and this game will get screwed and probably not get a very good rating. I wonder how they will make this game compared to the original or compared to its contemporary rivals? Strange..

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If GoldenEye is true and turns out good, I'll definately pick up a Wii

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While Goldeneye was awesome, I'll always prefer Perfect Dark, as it was much greater in scope than its predecessor. PD had framerate problems however (not if you play it on a nice computer with emulation though now. :P). Either way, the Conduit and Metroid Prime 3 controlled very well and if they made it online this could really be pretty sweetness. :)

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The game itself was good because it did what many hadn't been able to do particulariy well; bring an FPS to consoles. The game itself wasn't all that great, and a remake wouldn't change the fact that there are better games in the genre. There's a major delimma as a result. While I loved the original, I'd rather play a new game than this, so a remake (even if done well) wouldn't be enough to warrent a purchase from me. On the other end, the game feels outdated, and I wouldn't play it again if it was released as DLC either. It's really one of those games that's better left as nostalgia. Or the game your friend pulls out with 4 controllers and a few cases of beer. But to be fair, I'd rather have that happen with Conkers Bad Fur Day. That multiplayer was insane!

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I just hope that it will be the same as the original Golden eye, except the infinite enemies. Couldn’t they have made it for XBOX instead, so the graphics would be nice to look at, not outdated?

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Goldeneye is awesome and it'll always be, but only if they keep it in the N64, a remake wouldn't work, not even with the wimote.

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This wuz a great game hands down!!!

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The memories of playing golden eye will never go away. Not many can say they played four player split screen on a 13" tv for 7 hours straight! I have a HD tv like the rest now and my friends are older and have kids of their own. I have yet to buy a Wii but you give me a great remake of Golden eye with four player split screen teamed online play and up to 16 players, also a relaunch of the N64 controller with a longer cord, I'll buy a Wii for everyone of my friends and anyone who gives this a thumbs up!

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it was a great game... i dont think its a good idea remaking it for the wii however

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Looks like Activision is putting GoldenEye in the barn with the Music Hero franchises. Milk it, baby!

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I'd rather have the XBLA version Rare has already finished...

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Goldeneye was never good because of the movie, or James bond in general. It was always the Goldeneye engine, which they probably don't have access to. They sure didn't for that other Goldeneye remake.

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Make it on another console and it should be fine

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NO! dont remake Goldeneye...especally for the WII ....they WILL ruin it along with everyother remake anyone has EVER made in the world!.....Grrr

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most likely going to be bad as remakes (exspecially those not done by the original creators) tend to have little effort put in. still waiting for the N64 perfect dark announced at E3 to be released on the 360.

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@cardkoda. Your inexperience with the Wii shows, the Wiimote is the best control setup for FPS games. As for Rare, the reason they are now a failry average developer, is because most of the staff that worked on the classics of yor, have left and joined other companys. Even the 2 guys who founded it aren't there anymore.

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@cardkoda Wow, the jealousy continues. Your last line is just Wow. I can't believe you even had the gall to type those words. Zelda and Metroid won't be pleased to hear about this.

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Oh goody. HD or not, I get to see what people have been raving about, finally.

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@nini200 It sucks because the Wii's controls and capabilities are so limited. Imagine Goldeneye looking slick on a 1080p resolution with smooth controls and great online. That's why it should be on the PS3 and 360. The Wii isn't a console for amazing games other than mario.

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@ MattieIce You may find it unplayable, but this fact doesn't mean it is unplayable. I can assure you that I do play GoldenEye everyother month and I have no problems with its controls, I still am able to complete some missions through 00 Agent difficulty.

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Just one point that most of you seem to be missing, Once Rare teamed up with Microsoft, for some reason, they haven't been very good so I am confident to say Thank God that Rare Isn't doing the Remake. . . I would prefer other companies before Activision like Free Radical (The Nintendo 64's Prime Rare) to do this remake but I would not like the new Rare to make this game. I mean, you see what they did with Banjo and Perfect Dark, two butchered names. . . And people, stop being jealous because it's not coming out on PS3 and 360. Seriously, let the Wii have it's great titles instead of bashing them every time they get some. I agree that it should be on all systems AND cross platform online (so we can finally do battle and see who truly has the best FPS controls). But geez, quit whining and insulting the Wii because it's getting another great title.

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A remake of golden eye I think would be very dangerous, the fact that many of its features and such are obsolete means the game itself would have to be massively overhauled in order to bring it up to speed thus a from the ground up re-invisioning would be in order, and the fact that james bond games as of late havent exactly been stella makes one wonder just how badly this could go ... just release the damned thing on VC or XBLA or something

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If done right, with some added additions like Mattielce said, this game could be just as amazing as it was back when it came out on Nintendo 64. They need to add online play and Wii speak support and refine the graphics and controls. This could end up being amazing or ruining our dreams.

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Goldeneye was amazing when it came out. No one is debating that. But it's completely unplayable now that modern shooters have rendered it obsolete. No melee attack?, no quick swap between weapons? no jumping? If they want to do a remake they better realize that there are feautres that they should not leave out just for nostalgia's sake.

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@ isaacmj I'm with you! Let's see a remake of Rares' best days, Perfect Dark and GoldenEye! Keep everything exactly the way it was, but, update the graphics and physics with a new engine and add full online capability.

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They better not stink it up by using the stupid wii mote sensor that breaks your hand off after an hour of gameplay! Classic controller all the way!!! although i know they won't do that. i am weak though and will still by it. Best game i have ever played!

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Still praying for a Perfect Dark remake with online...

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Ain't this a gamble. You screw this up Activision, and you will never be forgiven.

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Uh... GoldenEye is one of the cult games that's better not mess with them. So easy for a developer to make crap of a true gem. You can't achieve absolute perfection twice in a life. Let goldenEye where it is. Release it to VC if you want, but not a remake... the chances to trash it are too high to take the risk.

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But no "next gen" remake, cant see it turning out well, but it may have a chance if done properly.

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Just fix the original up like they did with Doom,Duke Nukem. I would buy it.

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That is cool because I want to try this game and it would be hard to find for N64 so this would be more convinient.

Avatar image for xcollector

GoldenEye was genre defining back in its day. For it to have that same impact it will have to be genre defining today. That means it will have to be better than Call of Duty Modern Warfare. We all know that is not going to happen.

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It would be cool, but I need more info.

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also if u didn't know u can ply this game on ur pc 4 free with an emulator

Avatar image for DJCartmell

A classic game in my view that can't be re-made! In a good way leaving the fond memories I have of it and preventing the possibility of a poor re-make being made to poison my fond memories of a Rare classic literally!

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every since rare join m$ theyed only made 1 good 4 star game & it bango all others are weak they need to return 2 their roots

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Ho my god, I can't explain what I'm feeling right now... this is... awesome!!! Man I played this game so much when I was a kid! Just hope they won't remove the funny cheats like paint ball and DK mode (big head)... and never, I said NEVER remove the throwing knifes!!!

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I am going to pray to every god that 1) not every version is the same as the wii and 2) They do not screw this up. I still have that game (although the console stopped working) and i would hate to see its name destroyed by some cheap remake.

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no they need it 4 wii ware xbl & psn let everyone enjoy it unlike spider-jim comment everyone did this game