GoldenEye-Like PC Shooter Agent 64 Gets New Trailer And Demo

Agent 64 is set for release this year, and a free demo is out now on PC.


Many expected the heavily rumored GoldenEye remaster to be announced during the Xbox showcase today, but it wasn't. James Bond fans weren't entirely out of luck, however, as developer Replicate D6 released a new trailer for its GoldenEye-like title Agent 64 during the PC Gaming Show today.

The trailer shows off more of the game, which aims to be a "retro homage to 90s console shooters." As you can see in the brand-new trailer, Agent 64 is clearly riffing on GoldenEye with its legally distinct but definitely similar music and gameplay mechanics, weapon models, and animations. The character models are also very similar in presentation to those from the iconic N64 game. Have a look for yourself:

Agent 64 also lets players make and share their own levels. The game is planned for release later in 2022, but a free Early Access demo is out now on Steam.

As for the rumored GoldenEye remaster, additional Achievements for the unannounced title recently leaked. A remaster of the N64 title was apparently originally in the works for Xbox 360 and has since then become the subject of many rumors. Xbox boss Phil Spencer clarified that GoldenEye not being on Xbox has "always been a rights issue, not a 'getting code to run' issue."

2022 marks the 60th anniversary of the James Bond series, and it has been previously announced that a slew of news related to the property would be coming this year, which has led many to believe it may be announced soon.

Elsewhere in the world of James Bond games, IO Interactive, the developer behind the Hitman games, has been working on its own Bond game, which will feature a "completely original story" for the world's most famous superspy.

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