Goldeneye 007 gets retailer-exclusive game modes, T-shirt

GameStop and Best Buy customers will be the only players to get invisibility and tag modes this year; Wal-Mart preorders receive Oddjob-themed "Cheater" apparel.


GoldenEye 007
GoldenEye 007 (2010)

Last month, Activision announced a Goldeneye 007 bundle with a gilded Classic Controller to promote its upcoming remake of the seminal Nintendo 64 first-person shooter. The publisher has picked up its promotional activities today, revealing a trio of retailer-exclusive enticements for players to pick the game up when it arrives November 16.

Ideal for Oddjob players with low self-esteem.
Ideal for Oddjob players with low self-esteem.

Gamers who pick up the title at GameStop or Best Buy can receive exclusive codes to unlock the game's invisibility and tag split-screen multiplayer modes, respectively. The invisibility mode (available with preorder) gives players the ability to become invisible for a limited amount of time to sneak up on opponents, while the tag mode makes whoever is "it" unable to score any kills until he or she touches another player.

The modes are said to be exclusive until December 31, 2010, suggesting they will become available to other players after that date. Both the GameStop and Best Buy codes will need to be authenticated online through the Wii before the modes are unlocked, an Activision representative told GameSpot.

The third retailer-specific incentive is a T-shirt offer available to those who reserve the game from Wal-Mart's Web site or purchase it from one of the chain's brick-and-mortar locations at launch. The shirt features the distinctive silhouette of strongman Oddjob's lethal bowler hat, along with the caption "Cheater." Playing as Oddjob in the N64 GoldenEye was frequently frowned upon by players, as his shorter stature made for a harder target and gave him a distinct advantage in matches.

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