Golden Xbox One selling for $10,000

Boutique retailer Harrods selling gilded version of Microsoft's new console; only one created.

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Specialty retailer Harrods is selling a gold-plated Xbox One for £6,000 ($9,780), according to a shopper who posted a picture of the system on Reddit recently.

The gilded Xbox One pictured here is the only such system Harrods plans to sell, the retailer confirmed with GameSpot sister site CNET.

Harrods is a United Kingdom-based retailer that describes itself as "the world's most famous luxury department store, where anything is possible and everyone is welcome."

The premium Xbox One appears to be only available in-store, as it is not listed on Harrods' website.

Gold-plated electronics are nothing new. Two of this year's most popular phones, the HTC One and the Galaxy S4, are currently available in 24-carat gold versions.

The Xbox One launched on November 22 and has sold more than 2 million units to date.

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