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Goldberg Reveals What Happens To Raw Meat On Forged In Fire

It's good eating on Knife or Death.


History Channel's Knife Or Death is a spinoff of its wildly successful series Forged In Fire, where competitors forge weapons for judges to test. However, on Knife Or Death, the competitors come onto the show with premade blades and run them through a series of tests, which includes slicing through raw chicken, fish, and more.

The host of the series, now in its second season, is none other than Bill Goldberg, the former WCW Heavyweight Champion and WWE Universal Champion. He spoke with GameSpot to reveal the most important question Forged in Fire fans have, "Where does all that sliced up meat go?"

"Well, it just depends on what's on the menu that day because it's quite possible that it can end up on a grill right next to set, depending upon whether it be the pork loin," explained Goldberg. "Most of the time, the fish does not go to waste, whether it be cleaned up and sushied or put on the grill. We try not to waste anything on that show."

One of the most challenging parts of the course is cutting through a raw chicken, in one slice, which looks easier than it sounds. Many competitors end their run here.

It's safe to say the cast and crew eats well on the show. However, the focus of the series is on these competitors and the weapons they bring to run the show's obstacle course, which involves a whole lot of slicing and dicing. You can see handcrafted weapons like longswords, katannas, and more.

However, Goldberg was more than puzzled about a contestant's blade choice during Season 1 of the series. "There's no question that the guy from Valley Center or somewhere out near me in San Diego, California who came to the show with a butcher knife [was the strangest blade], and a very, very small one at that. I could not believe it. He did as well as he could, but it wasn't... it was like bringing a kitchen knife to a knife fight. It paled in comparison."

Forged in Fire: Knife or Death is currently in its second season and airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on the History Channel.

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