Going Postal First-Person Style?

The developer of Postal, the infamous game of random violence, talks about remaking the game as a first-person shooter.


Putting players in the role of a "Postal Dude" on a psychopathic killing spree, Postal garnered a great deal of attention for its disturbing themes. Vince Desi, the lead designer at Running With Scissors, revealed in a recent interview with Daily Telefrag that the company is working to make a first-person shooter in the style of the original game.

Despite all the controversy following the original game's release, Desi never shied away from the media attention Postal received - he even participated in a televised debate on gaming violence with the governor of Arkansas following a school shooting in that state.

Flesh & Wire, the project Running With Scissors started after the 1997 release of Postal, was being developed for Ripcord before the developer went independent. Desi mentioned the company has had some difficulty finding a publisher for its violent games. No publisher has yet been mentioned in connection with the game.

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