GOG Will Not Offer Official Steam Deck Support

Steam Deck ships at the end of February.


GOG, CD Projekt's digital storefront, will not offer official Steam Deck support. GOG revealed the news in a Twitter announcement earlier today, writing that while there will be no "official support," users can install Windows and try playing GOG-bought games on the Steam Deck that way.

This news isn't a big surprise, as GOG and Steam are competing digital storefronts. It doesn't make sense for GOG to offer support for its biggest competitor's new device.

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Another option players have for playing GOG games other than installing Windows, is an open-source platform called Lutris. Lutris can launch games from GOG, Epic Game Store, and other digital storefronts for Linux platforms. It should theoretically work on Steam Deck's native SteamOS that's built off of Linux, if it doesn't, I'm sure some intrepid developer will find a way to eventually get it to run on Steam Deck.

It is interesting to note that GOG customers have clamored for Linux support for a long time. If CD Projekt does create a GOG Galaxy client for Linux--a project that is marked as in-progress on the community wishlist page--then that should also be another way for GOG games to run on Steam Deck.

Valve will indicate the compatibility of individual Steam games with the Steam Deck through a system called the Steam Deck Verification Program. There's also a fansite that shows you all the Steam Deck Verified games so far.

The first wave of Steam Decks are scheduled to ship on February 28. For more information, here's everything we know about the Steam Deck.

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