GOG's Spring Insomnia Sale requires that you act fast

Games are offered in limited quantities at steep discounts.


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The pressure is on in GOG's Spring Insomnia Sale: The digital games distributor is offering discounts up to 90 percent off on a wide variety of computer games, but it's only offering them one at a time and in limited quantities. In other words, as soon as a certain number of copies of a game have been sold, it's on to the next deal, whether or not you got what you wanted.

Those familiar with the Woot Off sales hosted by Woot.com will feel right at home with the process. GOG's frontpage lists the current game on sale and the number of copies that are available. As purchases are made, the remaining quantity--which is usually no more than a few hundred--is reflected on screen, making it a mad scramble to add it to your cart (and ensure you didn't already buy the game during an old Steam sale). Games will show up more than once during the sale, but you can't be sure when that will happen or if you'll be around to take advantage.

As with the first GOG Insomnia Sale that operated like this, gamers will have a chance to get some free games. But whereas you had to keep your eye out for these free games to show up in the rotation last time, you'll now have the chance of scoring a free game during the checkout process.

Among the games in the sale so far are Broken Age (pictured above), Papers, Please, Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, and Shadowrun Returns. As is always the case when buying from GOG, all games are DRM-free and, depending on the specific game, sometimes include bonuses like guides, wallpapers, soundtracks, and more.

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