GOG Responds to Controversial Ultraviolent Killing Game, "Hatred"

Distribution platform says it is not currently in touch with the Polish studio behind the upcoming PC game.

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Hatred, an upcoming PC game that lets you play the role of a mass murderer, has caused quite a stir since its beyond brutal gameplay trailer was released this week. Following the trailer's debut, the studio told GameSpot that it would like to launch the game through Steam and GOG, but it remains to be seen if either digital distribution platform would approve the game.

While Valve has not responded to comment about the possibility of a Hatred release on Steam, a representative for GOG told GameSpot Friday that it has yet to speak with Hatred developer Destructive Creations about a publishing deal.

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"Currently we are not in touch with developers of Hatred," a representative for GOG told GameSpot. "You know about our 'boutique approach' so in any case, before deciding on a release, we would review the game and give our feedback to the devs."

Destructive Creations would like to launch Hatred on Steam and GOG, but the studio isn't sure either company will allow it.

"We really wish to release [a] digital version through Steam and GOG, but actually we have no idea if they will let us to do this, because of all the sh**storm the game is delivering," Destructive Creations' Jarosław Zieliński told GameSpot.

Hatred does not shy away from the fact that it is principally a game about killing people--from unsuspecting civilians to law enforcement officials. In announcing the game, Destructive Creations made it clear that you shouldn't take the game too seriously because "it's just a game."

"These days, when a lot of games are heading to be polite, colorful, politically correct, and trying to be some kind of higher art, rather than just an entertainment--we wanted to create something against trends," the studio said about Hatred.

Hatred runs on Unreal Engine 4, the same technology that powers games such as Fable Legends and Kingdom Hearts III. Unreal Engine owner Epic Games told GameSpot that it is not involved in the development of Hatred (beyond the fact that the game uses its engine), and that it never tries to exert "creative control" or censorship over projects that use its technology.

However, the Hatred gameplay trailer used the Unreal Engine 4 logo without permission, and Epic Games wants it removed from the video and other marketing materials.

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Looks fun. Hope it'll have coop!

Avatar image for ThaddeusK

<< LINK REMOVED >> Certainly seems like a style of game that should have co-op, even if it may not fit the story.

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Meh, this isn't worth my money. A game where the whole point is run around and kill people until you're put down by the police? If that's really all it is, forget that noise. You psychos have fun, I'll stick to games with some more substance, some character.

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There's been a lot of comparison between this game and GTA. GTA is cartoonish and satirical in every way. It takes brilliant jabs at society. This is just... disturbing. Do you really want to be the person who gets a sick thrill out of mowing down screaming and pleading digital people? If so, give your head a shake.

Avatar image for pibolar

<< LINK REMOVED >> *shakes head*

Avatar image for bassplayer55

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Hah. Well, whatever floats your boat I guess.

Avatar image for dxvth

How Scared are you people this is only a game. Why would people want to ban it? Some People Maybe would like to buy it... Just because you dont want it (Anyone Who Wanted it to be banned) Someone Else did not want it.

Avatar image for glosschuck

I'm over killing games. However, I eagerly look forward to the release of "Deep Anal II: Sodomize a Kardashian" for PS4.

Avatar image for donscalos

Yes... It's terrible I would like to buy it right now but it seems impossible ! I would also buy several copies for my friends and even pay more for each to support that brave and Rock & Rollcompany if I could !!!

Avatar image for xepha537

actually - i've changed my mind! don't ban it! i want to play this game! music is awesome! :@

Avatar image for deactivated-57f4a4251dfe9

It's no different from what I was doing in GTA. Also, watched a movie called Rampage the other day .. available on Netflix. If you don't approve don't buy. If you have children under 18 be a responsible parent and don't let them buy it. I like living in a free country. Shooting pixels is not a crime.

Avatar image for Mrsnake0089


IF YOU ARE A BABY DON'T PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for mauroaugusto

Hahaha funny, that crap looks fun enough.But if its way too brutal it means BS. No story, no plot, gives the game a short life span. But It looks almost better than most games this year (cod advanced etc) but anyway, from time to time games like this needs to arise. Like Carmagedon, or Hotline. But most of the times they just end up prohibited in most countries. Since Carmagedon, that technique is proven to be a big failure but that doesn't stop them from doing it. If you wanna hit big as a dev with a shocking game, the best way might be the Manhunt's way, with a good side story. If Epic Games didn't freaked out after the U logo yet, and gentle asked them to remove it from Hatred, the devs got another thing coming. If Epic Games isn't going after a lawyer, it's because they're liking that game.

Avatar image for ve3gyq

I'm at a loss for words; my mind is numb, my body tingling, and I feel sick - I feel like I'm going to throw up. This is beyond wrong. However, it does make me wonder why murder and mayhem in video games, such as GTA, is okay, but not in the case of Hatred. Is it okay if the games primary focus isn't running around rampant, murdering people for no reason? I think that's the general problem that people have with this game; the focus is killing people for no reason. Unfortunately, we see other games where this is the case, but it's indirectly advertised.

For me, I compare Hatred the game to The Saw movies; both, I think, should be placed in a ban category.

I don't agree with the direction the game has picked, but I can't deny that other games offer the same violence, under an umbrella; some sort of censorship. But if one is allowed, it's difficult to win an argument on why the other shouldn't be, even if there is agreement about this game making us sick to the stomach.

Avatar image for sotired

My only source of disappointment was that it's not a FPS. I do look forward to a similar game that is a FPS.

No, I don't care what anyone thinks of me. Yes, I will buy and play the heck out of that game when it's released (and probably this one, too).

People are crazy. They will get upset over games like this, but the ironic thing is that what has really scarred my own mind in life are the very things that the people who will crap themselves over this game wholeheartedly endorse. I'm not going to get into it, but those others who are also scarred (there are many of us) know where I'm coming from.

Censor this game? Pfffft...

I love the line in the Mudvayne song "Silenced":

"Middle finger is the flag that I wave when I'm silenced!"
Avatar image for djskagnetti


Avatar image for sotired

<< LINK REMOVED >> Good one! We should take this show on the road; the "Badass & Funny Boy Show"!

Avatar image for djskagnetti

I'm too scarred for a show right now.

Avatar image for TheBruuz

The difference is the emotion that drives the action. In other games the goal is never to just kill.

It may be subtle, but this is where you cross that line into psychopath territory.

I mean what's next? A ra*pe simulator? Reenacting the holo*caust?

Avatar image for 0m39AX

<< LINK REMOVED >> A rape simulator does exist, and it's called Rapelay. And, of course, it's japanese.

Avatar image for sotired

<< LINK REMOVED >> I would have no interest in either of those games (not that they are bad suggestions). But what if someone did make them? What are you afraid of? If they're truly horrible, then very few people will buy or play them, and they will amount to nothing. They will have been irrelevant. Are you afraid that people will love the idea and play them in droves? Afraid to face the truth of human nature?

Avatar image for TheBruuz

@sotired @TheBruuz You're touching the very core of it. Human nature may be that we're bloodthirsty creatures, but it's the restraint we show towards that urge that makes us civilized men. It's a conscious choice. More than being appaled at the horror of human nature, I'm sadened by the choice people make to follow it.

Avatar image for sotired

@TheBruuz I get it. But if people followed their nature, they'd be actually killing and rap*ing. Pretending to kill or ra*pe in a game harms no one. Or, if someone wants to argue that it harms the one playing the game, they have some work to do to prove it, and then to additionally show why people should not be allowed to self-harm.

I'm saddened by what saddens people. There are so many people who don't blink an eye over people actually being killed half way across the world, who think it's awful that this game, "Hatred", should be produced. There are too many people who give child ra*pe a free pass (think: Catholicism), but silt their shorts over the mere prospect of a game that broaches the topic of mur*der or ra*pe.

Avatar image for Kendojin

<< LINK REMOVED >> Speak for yourself, I might get pissed off at people and the world at times. Doesn't mean the answer is to go kill/rape someone. If that's yours or anyone else thought process you need help.

Avatar image for daniil_djamil

Well it is too early to speak about content of this game, apart from what we all saw in trailer.
But I strongly disapprove all hatred about HATRED-game, I think it is doing great job showing us atrocity of killing.
Really - think about it for a moment, most of other FPS\TPS belittle killing to somewhat funny and totally not gruesome action (movies doing it too).
You feeling absolutely no guilt because when you had killed person in game, it is just like removing obstacle from your way - even if they were not obstacle. Those media products constantly numb our empathic perception of what is happening, our assessment of murder.
HATRED Game intentionally or not, shows us real killing in all despicable details, without sugaring it with "it's funny!" (like G.T.A. series) or removing guilt through narrative (they were enemy soldiers\terrorists\maniacs\killers\corporate security guys so it is OK to kill them with great prejudice). If you want to compare this game with other games you should look at Postal 1 game and Spec Ops: The Line (and I'm not only talking about White Phosphorus but about whole game) but not with COD games or even GTA.
I honestly think that (if game's story will go way I think it will) this game, will do more for anti-violent cause than any protector of morals (not SJW) words, politicians laws and hypocrites blaming of games for all times.

Oh, and about " They are Nazi" - nonsense, they have more grudge with me (I'm Russian) than with Jews, their ancestors fought first with the Third Reich and then the USSR, I quote one of the developers "... they’ve rightly anticipated Soviet security service repressions against Polish already demilitarized army. I would also like to emphasize that until the year 1945 those troops were actively fighting against the Third Reich occupation.".

And now about alleged white supremacism subtext in game. Guys seriously?
I will quote CEO of Destructive Games "The Antagonist is killing everyone equally, race doesn't matter (it's randomly generated for all NPCs), sex doesn't matter (it's random too), so you can call it the most tolerant game, promoting equality."

Note: I will copy-paste this for other sources because I'm funny that way.

Avatar image for phantom_11

Watching that trailer, I was shouting out loud "No...No...No..." Talk about disturbing. OMG! I completely support what this game is trying to do, basically having the courage to make something so fundamentally wrong and contrary to societal acceptance, but I would never in a million years play this game. Making this game must have been hard for the developers, but at least they had the guts to do it. Hopefully, they aren't scarred for life after this and hopefully the poor souls who play this won't be either.

Avatar image for extibo

<< LINK REMOVED >> It's just a game you idiot.

Avatar image for die_scream

This is a Newtown/Aurora/Columbine style civilian murder simulator complete with people begging for their lives as you, the player, simulate mercilessly killing them.

They have a right to make it, I certainly hope bad sales and press will illustrate that capitalism works, and more importantly there are limits for a decent society, even internet "bro"s.

I shudder to think what a parent of one of the killers victims like the player portrays in this game, would feel seeing this "just a game" trailer.

Trailer is gross, I need a drink and a shower after watching it.

Avatar image for sotired

<< LINK REMOVED >> Some of the parents you speak of would be horrified and would want it banned, just like many regular people do. But some would simply say "I don't like it, but I don't think it should be banned. The truly horrible thing is not this game but what happened to my child." Let's focus on reality, shall we?

Avatar image for PennStater

I have zero interest in playing this game, but I would still buy it if only to show support for a studio that has dared to go against the grain. It's nice to see someone willing to take chances to such an extreme.

Avatar image for ogrelord_shrek

finally a open world game that rewards me for doing what I do in all open world games go on a mass murdering kill streak

Avatar image for TheUnbeholden

I'm actually looking forward to this.... you know vast majority of games out there have passive NPC's to kill but whenever players do it (and alot do) those games don't get any flack, but as soon as its a "objective" in the game, suddenly its "the spawn of satan". Bah! Tosh I say! When I play the game, I play whatever way I want, nobody tells me who to kill and for what reason. I like that. Refreshing.

Avatar image for MirkoS77

Looking forward to this release.

Avatar image for InYourMouf

The only way a game like this can be enjoyable is if it's humorous and light-hearted, ala Postal 2. That was not a serious game, at all; in fact from what I remember you could go through all or most of the game without killing anyone if you wanted. This game looks like a bunch of psychopaths made it. There's nothing in me that wants to play this. Really quite disturbing and despicable to want to make such a game when we've had so many public shootings lately. I hope it doesn't find a distributor.

Avatar image for Porphyriaa

Nobody seems to understand this. Everyone is all like "derp it's no different than gta" but both gta and Postal have a comical approach to slaying civilians. All the civilians have over the top unrealistic personalities they react in overly dramatic comical ways and have rag doll physics. What makes hatred so disturbing is its level of realism and serious approach. It's purely for those who have dark fantasies of committing mass murder. I'd imagine half the people that play this game will feel sick and never play it again. The ones who enjoy it are most likely sadists or psychopaths.

Avatar image for Predatorian234

<< LINK REMOVED >> The random NPCs in GTA are not "over the top" or dramatically comical. They are just random pedestrians walking down the street. Literally no different than this game.

Also, why is it better to "kill" a computer generated program that acts like a clown than it is to just "kill" a computer generated program that does not act like a clown?

Also, I have no desire to commit any mass murders. Hell, I'm not even aggressive. I'm 30 years old and I've never thrown a punch (without a boxing glove on). But, than again, I have the mental capacity to not equate the worth of a human life to that of a computer program. You see people begging for mercy, I see a program. There's no emotional reaction because it's not real. It's fake. I think we have more to worry about with those who attach human worth to computer programs.

Avatar image for Gwarpup

The company name should be Attention Whores. We push buttons! $$$

Avatar image for Tuckpoint

For those of you who keep saying "THINK OF THE CHILDREN", aren't you forgetting that responsible adults don't let their children play an obviously M or AO rated game in the first place? Just curious...

I'm a parent of three, one son and two daughters. Not even considering being worried my kids will act out IRL what is portrayed in the game because....THEY WON'T BE PLAYING IT. It is an adult oriented game, meant for adults to play.

Stop thinking of the children, that's my job. Don't be offended for me, or anyone else. Be offended because it upsets your own personal values or don't be offended at all. Don't use ignorant adults that just buy their kids w/e they ask for as a rebuttal, that's an obvious example of bad parenting and it's not the video games fault they exist.

Seriously guys, what problems have been solved by being hypersensitive? Have DUI check-points rid us of drunken ahole drivers? No. In fact statistics (not the best place to get facts but they serve a purpose) indicate that most DUI arrests are performed outside the checkpoints.

Avatar image for Dragon_Irons

<< LINK REMOVED >> there ARE ignorant parents out there who barely even know how to use email..... let alone search for info about a game.....

Avatar image for sotired

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah, but for parents like that, I think which games their kids play are the least of the problem. If you can't be assed to look into what games your kids will be playing, you must be half-assing everything else as well.

Avatar image for m3atshi3ld

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> The rating is dummy proof. They don't need to research the game, they simply need to know the rating system that explicitly states the age bracket the game is appropriate for. No game rated for an adult should be purchased for a child. Period.

Avatar image for Dragon_Irons

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> hey moron, parents I'm talking about are like MY mother, who can barely do anything with a PC besides turn it on and send an email.... and she DEFINITELY wouldnt' know wtf the letters in white boxes are on a game box......

I'm not a kid btw.... in case you're wondering.