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Godzilla Vs. Kong Opens To $9.6 Million At US Box Office To Set New Pandemic Record

The epic monster movie reigns supreme with the biggest US box office results during the pandemic.


Godzilla vs. Kong opened in the United States on Wednesday, March 31, and it had the biggest opening ever during the pandemic in theaters. It made $9.6 million across the US on opening day.

The film played on 2,409 screens across the country for its Wednesday premiere, the most for any movie on its opening day in the US during the pandemic. This should grow to 3,064 screens by Friday ahead of the weekend, according to Variety.

Warner Bros. estimated that 94% of the US movie theater market is now open, though cinemas in many places are adhering to social distancing guidelines and limiting the number of tickets per screen. In Canada, around 30% of theaters are open, Variety said.

Godzilla vs. Kong was originally tracking to rake in $20 million-plus over the coming weekend, but it's believed the figure will be much higher based on the first-day results. Not only that, but some people have a long weekend for Easter, which could boost box office results. The film also scored an "A" CinemaScore rating, which suggests word-of-mouth will help the film perform well this weekend and beyond.

Godzilla vs. Kong also debuted on HBO Max this Wednesday, March 31, and it will be available to stream there for a month before getting removed just like Warner Bros.' other films as part of the film studio's unique strategy for 2021.

Internationally, Godzilla vs. Kong is doing great as well in theaters, making more than $120 million over its first weekend and growing every day. The film opens in Godzilla's home country, Japan, later in May.

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