Godzilla stomps onto Wii, handhelds

Infamous Japanese cautionary tale of man's quest for power will be Unleashed later this year.


I'm in yer Gamez, eatin yer trainzzz!
I'm in yer Gamez, eatin yer trainzzz!

Atari has unveiled plans to resurrect the mother of all monsters for a game coming to the Wii, DS, and PlayStation Portable this fall. Godzilla: Unleashed will put gamers in control of the gigantic green symbol of man's hubris, as well as a host of other famous giants, in a struggle to become crowned King of the Monsters.

The game is described as a "fighting game on a giant scale," and players will be set loose on the world's major cities to tear them apart by clawing, kicking, stomping, blasting, and throwing things. Godzilla: Unleashed will have a nonlinear storyline that will be influenced by the choices the player makes during battles.

This won't be Atari's first rumble with the Godzilla franchise. Previously the publisher released Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee and Godzilla: Save the Earth for consoles and Godzilla: Domination! for the Game Boy Advance.

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