Godzilla: Save the Earth Monster Profile - Baragon

Flame breath and underground attacks are only the beginning as we profile another of Godzilla's contemporaries.


Currently scheduled for release on November 2, Godzilla: Save the Earth will allow you to pit numerous incarnations of the titular giant monster and his contemporaries against each other in 12 of the world's major cities. The game's roster will boast 18 monsters in total, including several that weren't featured in the last Godzilla title, Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee. In previous monster profiles, we've been introduced to SpaceGodzilla, Mothra, Moguera, and Jet Jaguar--now it's Baragon's turn.

Baragon can move while attacking with his flame breath.
Baragon can move while attacking with his flame breath.

Since he is only 82 feet tall and weighs a mere 275 tons (SpaceGodzilla, by comparison, stands 394 feet tall and weighs no less than 88,000 tons), you might think that Baragon has stumbled into the wrong weight division as far as monster vs. monster combat is concerned. You'd be wrong to dismiss him, though, because what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in speed, stamina, and acrobatic attacks. Baragon's special attacks include flame breath, which he can use while moving; burrowing underneath opponents and pulling them underground; and a lava-eruption rage attack. Baragon is resistant to heat attacks, and he can also withstand more concussive attacks when he's on all fours than when he's fighting on his hind legs.

Baragon's first appearance was in the 1965 movie Frankenstein vs. Baragon, and it was believed that he died at the hands of Frankenstein's monster until he later showed up as an inmate on Monster Island. Baragon is believed to be a dinosaur who burrowed underground to escape the late-Cretaceous climate changes, with his glowing nasal horn lighting the way as he traveled through Earth's strata.

We'll bring you more information on Godzilla: Save the Earth as soon as it becomes available.

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