Godzilla: Save the Earth Monster Profile - Anguirus

Our final monster bio takes a look at one of Godzilla's armored allies and his fearsome powers.


With his thick, spiny armor, Anguirus will prove to be a valuable ally for Godzilla.
With his thick, spiny armor, Anguirus will prove to be a valuable ally for Godzilla.

Not all of the monsters in Godzilla: Save the Earth will be fighting against the heroic, towering lizard; Anguirus, for example, is one monster that began as an enemy and ended up an ally. Similar to Rodan, Anguirus is a revived dinosaur that is related to the ankylosaurus. The big difference here (and we do mean big) is that Anguirus towers over its prehistoric forebear at a height of 60 meters and a length of 100 meters. Weighing in at a massive 33,000 tons, and first seen in Godzilla Raids Again, Anguirus will be fighting on Godzilla's side in Save the Earth.

On the battlefield--that is, crashing around in the cities of Japan--Anguirus is the ultimate defensive monster. Taking full advantage of his spiked shell, Anguirus can leap at opponents while baring his shell. He can also deal great offensive damage as well. However, during combat, Anguirus must watch out for incorrectly timed blows to his spikes. This will result in a painful reminder to consider another strategy.

Anguirus is capable of inflicting edged, blunt, and concussive damage types against foes, and thanks to his thick armor, he's resistant to explosive and concussive damage. Edged attacks are unfortunately a weakness, but with attacks and abilities like the sonic roar, the thunderball, and the spiny shell, Anguirus should prove to be a more than capable combatant.

Godzilla: Save the Earth recently shipped to stores for the PlayStation 2 and will hit the Xbox later this month. Check out some new gameplay footage of Anguirus in action, and look for a full review of the game soon.

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