Godus will not require constant Internet connection

Single-player mode in Peter Molyneux's Populous reinvention will not demand constant connection; prototype video released.


Peter Molyneux's Populous reinvention Godus will not require a constant Internet connection for its single-player mode, developer 22Cans announced through its Kickstarter page. An Internet will be required for multiplayer and some "other features," but nothing more.

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"The question regarding DRM also keeps coming up," the company said. "The answer is simple; you will be able to play the single-player experience of Godus without needing to go online; you can play it while on a plane or when you're in a cave. No Internet connection required to play the game in single-player. An online connection is required for online multiplayer and potentially some additional features, but the single-player campaign does not require you to be online in order to be able to play."

22Cans also has released the first prototype gameplay video for Godus. The company cautioned that the footage (below) is work-in-progress and is "by no means" representative of the final game. A second video, with narration from Molyneux, will be released sometime today.

The Kickstarter campaign for Godus ends in three days and must tally an additional £82,000 ($132,946) to reach its goal. At press time, the fund stands at £367,547 ($595,903) pledged of its £450,000 ($729,990) goal. Nearly 12,000 have contributed to the Godus Kickstarter.

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