Godus getting Mac version

Populous reinvention from Peter Molyneux adds Mac support; halfway funded with ten days to go; playable prototype to be finished by week's end.


Peter Molyneux's Populous reinvention Godus will support Mac, it was announced today through the game's Kickstarter page. The total number of supported platforms now stands at four: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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If Godus is to see release, contributions to the project must continue to flow in. The fund currently stands at £239,648 (about $385,641) pledged of its £450,000 goal (about $717,075) with ten days remaining.

In a video blog update, Molyneux said the team at 22Cans is working feverishly to complete a Godus playable prototype by the end of the week. He said releasing this prototype is of significant importance because he believes once gamers try Godus, they will be willing to contribute to it.

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