Godus 2.0 update out now, kills old saves but Molyneux promises "vast changes"

New Godus update had lots of new and revised features, but will unfortunately kill your old save games.


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Godus 2.0 has been released by 22Cans, with studio boss Peter Molyneux adamant that it's a totally revised version of the god game. The catch? The update will eat your save game.

"To enable us to deliver this new version," reads the Godus 2.0 update notes on Steam, "it means that previous saves are no longer compatible. We do apologise for this inconvenience but we know it was the best decision for the overall game."

The last update to Godus was back in October 2013. "This is the honest answer: we collated all your feedback and we realised we needed to make these vast changes to the game," said Molyneux in a video explaining the update.

22Cans has been working on this new version for the past four months, it says.

"We needed to make it because of the feedback we got from you that it was a click-fest," added Molyneux, "that you didn't really know what you were doing, or why you were doing it, there wasn't enough variation in gameplay, not many people were playing the story, not many people were playing multiplayer games. So we went back to the drawing board on the foundation stones of our features. And the reason we did that is because we really, truly want to make a great game."

Headlining Godus 2.0 is a new interface that requires far less clicking than before, with 22Cans saying the new mechanic has players hold and drag to interact with the world. Things like world sculpting is now said to be easier and more responsive, too.

The new Godus update also includes a redesigned cards system, a new GUI, and a new game mode called Voyages of Discovery.

What's not in this new update? A story mode, battles, meteors, hubworlds, and extra ages and settlements. These will all appear (or return) in future updates.

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