Gods & Heroes revived under Heatwave

Austin studio picks up rights, assets to Perpetual Entertainment's long-dormant mythology-themed MMOG.


Perpetual Entertainment was one of the first in a lengthy contingent of studios to take it on the chin as part of The Great Recession in 2007. Months before jettisoning the Star Trek Online rights (picked up by Cryptic Studios), Perpetual announced that it had placed its Sony Online Entertainment-published, mythology-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game Gods & Heroes on indefinite hold--an odd move, considering the game had entered a closed beta-testing phase.

Gods have a nasty tendency to not stay dead.
Gods have a nasty tendency to not stay dead.

It appears as if Gods & Heroes may soon get a second life, although Perpetual Entertainment won't be performing the resurrection. Heatwave Interactive announced today that it has acquired the rights and all assets for Gods & Heroes from PlayGrid, an MMORPG platform development company founded by former Perpetual Entertainment executives.

Heatwave also said that it had licensed the rights to PlayGrid's MMORPG publishing platform, as well as the game engines for Perpetual's Gods & Heroes and Star Trek Online. The Austin, Texas-based development house plans to use the technology as part of its "planned roster of MMOs." Founded in 2007, Heatwave has released the soundboard iPhone app iSamJackson and plans to launch Platinum Life: Web Edition for social networking platforms next month.

First announced in 2005, Gods & Heroes is a PC MMORPG set in ancient Rome. The game drops players into the role of a direct descendant of Olympus who is tasked with saving the empire from beasts of legend. Players also have the ability to command their own squadrons while battling mythological monsters.

Heatwave did not indicate when it expects to launch Gods & Heroes. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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It has been 8 months since G&H got picked up by Heatwave. Some recent new picks have been soon but GameSpot has not changed the info (up left corner this page) from Perpetual. Web link takes you to some investment firm by a similar name.

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I have to agree with Zloth2, I got a brand new 1,000 dollar computer upgrade for Christmas which plays Crysis on max settings but the only other games that even give it a slight challenge are Age of Conan or Grand Theft Auto 4 and even then those still run on max. Those are the only "benchmark" games i really own though because in my shopping sprees i haven't found anything else really that demanding.

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"My problem now is that the engine is like two or three years out of date... " I don't know if you noticed, but engines don't go out of date anymore. Between consoles sticking with 4-year-old hardware and WoW's lesson in how to get millions of customers by making a game that runs on PCs that can barely handle web browsing, very few games are coming out that push the graphics envelope.

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I played in the closed beta, and in a way, I could see why the game was in trouble. The development seemed to suffer from feature creep, where they kept adding in new ideas late in development that caused the schedule to slip all the time. For instance, the minion idea was cool conceptually, but in practice was a pain. Pathing issues were a big problem, etc. I'm glad to see this game being resurrected, but I'm wondering if actually fixing the problems and bringing this to market will cost them a lot more money than they will ever make. This was also another MMO that seemed to cater to solo players more than groups, with a questionable end game. G&H needs another year or two of development. Not sure it will get it.

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the images seem a good MMORPG, but it is not enough! must show service. Good graphics, good gameplay and good interactivity. This compose a good MMORPG

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Ha, glad I kept this under tracked for so long, even though I'd lost hope, haha (now if Starcraft Ghost would just get revived, lol). It's been a while, so details are fuzzy, but if I recall, each player could hae a team with up to 4 NPCs? That was supposed to A) resolve soloing issues, since if you were a healer you could bring your own tank, or vice versa, and B) turn 5-man dungeons into something like raids, with armies clashing. Always sounded neat. I hope they bring it up to date before they release it, though!

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nice to hear this title always had potential

Avatar image for UniqueG0D

simply...another dissapointment....

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The pre-order was already on store shelves (Best Buy had a whole bunch of them) when the game unexpectedly died due to legal troubles (which no doubt stemmed from financial troubles). I was surprised that a game could be canceled so close to release. My problem now is that the engine is like two or three years out of date... Is it going to go back into development for an extended period to update the graphics and so forth, or are they going to take what was pretty much a finished game at the time and just release it a few years late? If you release a game with out of date graphics can you do it on a subscription model, or only as a free to play game? Should I even care about this one now that so much time has passed? Questions to ponder.

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This might be a very intresting RPG and it might promise something aswell. The background looks authentic atleast, the alignment with different gods it also quite an intresting turn in MMO. Yelling "For the Horde" gets abit dated.

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@guynamedbilly Perhaps it will become a great mmo under the new company? It would be nice if an "interesting" approach to mmos did well.

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Cool. I was in the closed beta for this game and it was pretty interesting, and quite a bit different from most other MMO options. It wasn't a great game, so I don't know how well it will do with the standard $15 subscription, but I'm glad to see it back regardless.

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Funny I was thinking of how fail this would be if it came out just the other day. Oh haha am I the only one thinking of something else here "to take it on the chin"?

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Wonder if my bestbuy preorder box will still be honored. Even if they don't i'm glad it got revived. Funny they announced this with Clash of the Titans premiering this week.

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The game looks amazing!!

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That's amazing, long-dead games usually don't revive

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This just made my MONTH!!!! :D

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Wicked. This is great news. I hope they put a lot into this, cause it (as in the Roman era and it's surrounding mythology) is a vastly untapped resource in gaming.

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looks pretty cool. Might have to give it a try. (haven't tried a pc game since Spore, so I guess it might not work)

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Best news today. Was just talking about this game, and how it had potential.

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LOL, does anybody else notice the 1969!:) Anyway, looking foward to another MMORPG being on my PC!

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Ironic that Perpetual put it on indefinite hold... Needs some realistic old world locations, a GOOD story, something cool (I'd love to see a GTA style Old Rome) and this could be a great game. Crossing my fingers this won't be another grindfest.

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glad to see the game getting a second chance. I kept my eyes open for this game,looks like I might get that chance after all!.

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Cool, will this be similar to Titan Quest? In MMO form?

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I wonder how much Heatwave is going to change it, if at all. Hopefully not much, pretty much everyone I've talked to who played in the beta enjoyed it immensely.

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PC. It was an MMO being developed a while back. Awesome news though. Was really stoked back when I originally heard of it.

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which system will this game be released on ? PS3?

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Posted Dec 31, 1969 4:00 pm PT Who broke Gamespot?