Godfather II shakes down stores April 7

Following delay, EA updates release window on strategy-infused gangster drama for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.


Electronic Arts was supposed to finish out its mostly dismal 2009 fiscal year strong. Such was not to be the case, however, as EA bumped its trio of high-profile games as part of its third-quarter earnings report. The Sims 3, a sequel to one of the best-selling games in history, was pushed from its late-February release to June 2. Meanwhile, BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins was bumped to the end of the year to coincide with the console editions of the game.

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And then there was The Godfather II, the only game not to receive an updated release window. That changed today, though, as EA said that the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC game will now take to the streets on April 7 in North America, with a European rollout following three days later. The Godfather II draws its inspiration from both Francis Ford Coppola's 1974 film and the original novel by Mario Puzzo--whose family was recently enriched by a lawsuit settlement over the game.

As the newly appointed don of New York, players will handle strategic organizational aspects of the mob, such as establishing and maintaining criminal endeavors and creating a stable of made men. Players won't be above the fracas on the streets, however, as the game also includes the original game's open-world action gameplay.

For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of The Godfather II.

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"Outdated graphics no thnx ..." Of course... every hardcore gamer knows that graphics are 95% of a game; over innovation and gameplay in fact (sarcastic voice tone here)

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why not buy both i am

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looks like a possible 5 star game and 10 rating game cant wait

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Well this turned me off. I was thinking about buying it, but now I changed my mind. I'll be getting Mafia 2.

Avatar image for sensei_hEnRY

sh!t i already save my money to get it on February 25th

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it is going to be tough to choose between this or Mafia 2. lol..i will just have to get both I guess..both look like killer games!! lol

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i have never seen any game for now that is better than the godfather II

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i so much love godfather to me it is the game of last year

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I totally disagree on the fact that they delayed it, they just want to keep delaying it until one of these less fortunate games come out so sorry ea's godfather Ii might not be what we expect.

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I totally disagree on the fact that they delayed it, they just want to keep delaying it until one of these less fortunate games come out so sorry ea's godfather II might not be what we expect :>/

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good buisness stratgy since gta lost and damned, fear 2, house of the dead, and so much more are coming out around the same time. however it still pisses me off because i wanna play this game so bad

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Anyone think they're delaying it because Lost and the Damned comes out next week. Similar games, similar audience

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There are some games you go to buy the day they come out, this wont be one of them ill probably wait for the review

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damn it looks like a good game but there are just too many good games coming out with year, this game might just be ignored, hopefully not, the first one was good. But then again mafia is coming out too and i think it will be better. Wish the best to this game, and hope it doesnt bust

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Let's hope that it doesn't get lost amongst the other releases at the time of it's due date. One of the pluses about it being released in February was the fact that nothing else of any consequence was going to be out for a while. Get your thinking caps on again EA!

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I hope it turns out good

Avatar image for samthesolidman

looks like poop

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wth is wrong with these nikkas do they know how bored i am lolz

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What's the big deal? It's only less than two months to wait!

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Wow well I have other games so I can wait. And a lot of you guys don't know much about this game do you.

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The game should have released in Feb because now it will release in days of my annual exams & they will end may be until June 10 to 20. So that's Bad

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April 7!?!?!...Could have been worse.

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dam that sucks

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Mafia 2 will be better.

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Boo! Come out earlier!

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Hopefully better than the 1st one

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They had to make sure to get the SecuRom in there :)

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Didn't we all already play this game? (Vice City Stories)

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I'm not happy about the delay, particularly since its now released the day after my birthday...

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screw Godfather II, the real news is Dragon Age getting bumped to end of the year, noooooooooo :(

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Outdated graphics no thnx ...

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April 7th no that long away however they should of released this game febuary they are no other open world games coming for sometime i think the game would of done great but oh well we all have our reasons.

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The Godfather on th PS2 was a repetitive mess. Didn't even bother with the PS3 version and probably won't bother with this one either unless it gets great review. Nah, I probably won't even play it....

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I don't mind the minor delay, so long as the quality makes up for it. I'm still excited about this one.