Godfather II golden

EA's film-classic-inspired, open-world crime spree/underworld RTS sent to factory, set to collect retailers' protection money April 7 in NA, April 10 in EU.


Shortly after it reported dismal holiday earnings last month, Electronic Arts finally dated Godfather II after a high-profile delay. The EA Redwood Shores-developed game will simultaneously launch on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on April 7 in North America and April 10 in Europe. It is rated M for Mature by the ESRB in the US, and bears an 18+ PEGI rating across the Atlantic.

Thug Life!
Thug Life!

Based on both Francis Ford Coppola's eponymous 1974 film and Mario Puzo's original Godfather novel, the Godfather II casts players as an associate of Don Michael Corleone on the eve of the Cuban Revolution. As the game progresses, players will themselves becoming bosses, organizing criminal enterprises, and building up their own army of thugs. As outlined in GameSpot's recent preview, when things get violent, the game shifts from a top-down strategic view to the street level, where Grand Theft Auto-style open-world armed havoc ensues.

EA is hoping to build on the success of the original Godfather, which sold nearly 1.5 million copies at US retailers, according to the NPD Group. The decently received game was released on the PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 2 in 2006, and Wii and PlayStation 3 editions arrived the following year. Its success did not come without controversy, though. After it was roundly condemned by Coppola, Puzo's estate successfully sued EA over unpaid royalties, eventually winning at least $1 million.

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2 days i cant wait

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Cant wait for this, hope its good.

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you come to me, on the day of my daughters wedding. And you ask me to play this game. hmmm how could i refuse

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This is an offer I can't refuse.

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Guys you can't be hyped over this. Have you seen the way it looks? Minimal effort put into it, it seems like they use the same engine from the last game.

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Alex 09 Mafia 1 did come out alot earlier than Godfather 1 so of course Godfather has better graphics. Im not sure about godfather 2 it looks like its gonna end up like the 1st one. I think i'll stick with the Mafia series, Better story and gameplay (Mafia 2 graphics look far better)

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About time..

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Also look at every post, some piece of **** Mafia troll is going through all of our posts giving negative responses. What a loser... If I ever seem personally offended by someone liking a game I don't, please track me down and kill me.

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I've played Mafia, subtracted from your post, and liked Godfather One better. And Godfather One had some serious problems.. I still prefer a game where you can kill somone with a slightly realistic amount of bullets. And that just doesn't happen in Mafia. Also the driving was too slow, and I don't like cops busting me for speeding in real life, so I would rather not have to deal with it in games too.

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Of course Mafia 2 will do better because its based on a succsessful movie, you are the Don, and has online O Wait that GF2...

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Still waitin for Mafia 2.Anyone, who is minusing posts because they mention how Mafia 2 will be an infinitely better game have simply never played Mafia 1.Bottom line.

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Got a few typos in their, Thorsen... The first game was pretty fun to play, but over all it didn't seem very cohesive an experience to me.

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Come on guys respect the classics even though you don't understand the concept...

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now ea if you want me to buy this you better put it on steam otherwise you wont get a cent from me. not with you drm junk that I know will be loaded into this game.

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Im betting that MAFIA 2 will get at least an extra 2.5 points out of ten than this one.

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Why haven't Godfather II popularize its game, but kept it silent? Either this is an easy-budget success that could or maybe not surpass Godfather: The Game or it could be an epic failure just like Mercenaries 2: World in Flames where it took them an couple of years to create such a game where people were anticipating for the whole time despite delays. In addition to this they are both published from EA (if that is going to help people choose games from publishers) One way or another, we just have to find out the critics have to say about this. For now, I am letting my wallet stay away from this game for now.

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I think that Mafia 2 will out-do this game, but I guess a PC version of The Godfather 2 shall do for me for now. Not too excited for this one though. Sorry EA, but the ball was dropped with this game..hopefully there's something to get out of this one.

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So, in short, Coppola said "Wow, I hate the game, but give me the $$$ anyways!"

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Good to see that its golden, but I may just rent the game

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All the videos and game footage of this game look really strong. Who doesn't want to play a role in the Mafia? I'll check on the reviews of this one, but it looks likely that I'll buy it soon after launch.

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Puzo's estate? lol Anyway, I think we should give this game a chance after all look at all the other lame releases we had in the last six months. If EA wants to prove something let them do so.

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Godfather 2... gross...

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see... if this game came out in Feburary, I would have bought it right away. The first one was awesome. Now, it's release date is so close to Mafia II, I would rather just get Mafia II instead. EA FAIL

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I'll wait for Mafia 2. It think it has spent more time cooking and will offer a better experience. It is the only reason why EA is trying to put it out now, trying to milk of the success...

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The first godfather was fun but driving cars in the game was unresponsive and clunky.Maybe this game should be on hiatus until the figure out how to support multiplayer because at least the driving can be blamed on lag...lol

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Yeah i agree with Koi-Neon-X. The original GF was way too repetitive. Extortion became a chore instead of an enjoyable mechanic. Hopefully they can bring some variety and keep from rushing the second half of the story.

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Hope this one has some concepts of the first, but this game look great...Hope it is.

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The Godfather was just too repetitive. I got reeeeeeal tired of going to the same locations, same layouts, intimidating and strangling the same people over and over. It wasn't a bad game it was just too repetitive for me. Hopefully, the sequel will add more variety. I'm still on the fence with this one.

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The first one was alright, but a lot of it was too close to GTA. The problem being similar to GTA is that it can't hope stand up to that giant. Therefore if Godfather is dissimilar enough it could be great!

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Nice I hope it gets great reviews. Btw, what's going on with Mafia 2, 2K Czech?

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looks crap, I'll be waiting for mafia2

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It would of been nice to release it sooner because of there unexpected push but its better then nothing.

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thug life!

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I never have been into the whole GTA thing, unless the game is really highly reviewed (9.0 and up) I probably will just rent it.

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looking forward to this

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cool i pre orderd this 2 months ago and it's coming soon!

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Just reserved mine today and cannot wait! I'm glad they are allowing for a more of a Don feel. the first one was excellent but I always felt as if I was doing most of the heavy hitting.

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great news for open world fans

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About time. I have been waiting a long time now with my pre pay.

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Great! Now the waiting game begins (or rather continues). I can't wait to get my copy.