GoDai coming this fall to the PS2

The 3DO Company's new martial arts action game will be released for the Sony PlayStation 2 this fall. Read the first details on the game.


GoDai: Elemental Force

The 3DO Company has announced that its upcoming PlayStation 2 action game GoDai: Elemental will be released this fall. In the game, players assume the role of a young Asian warrior named Hiro, who must battle a dark ninja named Akukan to avenge his father's death and emancipate his homeland. Hiro will have a variety of attacks at his command, including hand-to-hand combat and melee- and projectile-weapon-based attacks. Weapons featured in GoDai include katana blades, twin blades, bladed spears, throwing spikes, shuriken stars, and smoke bombs, among others. In addition to his general repertoire of attacks and weapons, Hiro will also be able to harness elemental powers and use them against his enemies.

GoDai will include 16 levels of play. Through these single-player levels, four bosses, who also wield the powers of the elements, will oppose Hiro. Eight different multiplayer modes will also be included in the game. Visually, The 3DO Company promises that the game will incorporate dynamic light sources and advanced environmental effects such as rain, fog, torches, fire pits, and reflective, rippling water.

GameSpot will have more on GoDai in the coming weeks.

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