God Of War's Second Anniversary Brings A New, Amazing Kratos Bust

To celebrate God of War's two-year anniversary on PS4, Sony revealed some new collectible merch, including a gorgeous bust of Kratos himself and a neat new book from Dark Horse.


On the one-year anniversary of God of War's release on PS4, Sony announced Raising Kratos, the wonderful feature-length "making of" documentary. For its two-year anniversary, which is today, Sony revealed some new merch that's available to pre-order now, including a limited-edition Kratos bust that will hurt your wallet and a new book that recreates Atreus' journal from the game.

Life-size Kratos bust | $800

Only 500 Kratos busts will ever be made
Only 500 Kratos busts will ever be made

Gaming Heads, a manufacturer of premium video game statues, previously made a bust of Kratos based on his appearance in the earlier God of War games. God of War for PS4 saw Kratos evolve not just internally but on the surface, too (most notably: the beard). Gaming Heads has matched that change with this stunning 25-inch bust of the iconic demigod.

Only 500 of these limited-edition busts will be made. You have to put down a non-refundable deposit of $80 to secure your pre-order for the $800 bust. Yes, it's quite pricey, and I'm not sure how many people actually own busts? But if I knew someone who owned a bust, my guess is they'd wear a monocle while examining it.

God of War: Lore & Legends | $31.49 ($35)

God of War: Lore & Legends releases August 18
God of War: Lore & Legends releases August 18

God of War: Lore & Legends is a novel idea for a collectible video game book. Lore & Legends is a recreation of Atreus' journal he scribbles in throughout the game. Essentially, it's a travel diary chronicling their journey across the Nine Realms.

The 120-page hardcover will be published by Dark Horse on August 18. It's available to pre-order at Amazon for $31.49, a slight discount off its $35 retail price. Thanks to Amazon's pre-order price guarantee, you'll get it for the lowest price offered up to release if you order now.

God of War - The Council of Valkyries art print | $50

Pre-orders are open until May 20
Pre-orders are open until May 20

Produced by Lineage Studios, this premium 18 x 24-inch art print features Kratos and Atreus front and center and the Council of Valkyries in the background. It's a limited-edition, hand-numbered print, which makes it more enticing to collectors than your average poster. Pre-orders are open until May 20 and the print will ship sometime this summer. Though it doesn't come with a frame, you can snag a nice black matte frame from Amazon for only $27.

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