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God Of War's Christopher Judge Calls For End To Console War: "Give Each Other A Break"

"Be easier on each other."


God of War actor Christopher Judge, who plays Kratos, has called for the gaming community to be nice to one another, no matter what platform they play on. Appearing at the BAFTA Game Awards on Thursday night, where he won the award for Performer in a Leading Role for Kratos in God of War Ragnarok, Judge used his speech to call for gaming fans to come together.

"Thank you to the fans," he said, as reported by VGC. "Be easier on each other. You all have more in common than what separates you," Judge said. "No matter what platform you love, no matter what game you love, you're still part of the gaming community, and give each other a break."

The God of War development team faced abuse and negative comments from people in the gaming community before Ragnarok released in November 2022. Things got so bad that developer Santa Monica Studio put out a statement calling on fans to communicate their opinions with respect. Fans' enthusiasm for the god of War series "should not be toxic nor come at the expense of any human being's dignity."

Santa Monica Studio added, "Let's celebrate our community by treating each other, every gamer and developer alike, with respect."

Judge portrayed Kratos in 2018's God of War and 2022's God of War Ragnarok. The Norse God of War series is now over, and it remains to be seen if Judge may return for any future God of War games.

The actor personally lobbied to play Kratos in the God of War TV series at Amazon Studios. Officially casting announcements for the show have not been made yet, however.

This is Judge's second major award for playing Kratos in Ragnarok, following his Best Performance win at December's Game Awards. At that show, Oscar-winner Al Pacino handed Judge his award, and the two shared a very nice embrace.

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