God Of War's Antagonist Flips You Off When The Camera's Not Looking

Hacker Lance McDonald is notorious for pulling back the curtain on video games, and 2018's God of War is the latest to unintentionally reveal its secrets.


Hacker Lance McDonald is adept at pulling back the curtain on video games and showing us things we were never meant to see. From revealing that P.T.'s creepy ghost Lisa is behind you at all times, to uncovering the town of Silent Hill in the aforementioned teaser, and finding cut content in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Now, McDonald has set his sights on 2018's PS4 release of God of War and has already discovered a hilarious snippet of punk rock-energy from antagonist Baldur.

This began recently when McDonald managed to fully hack God of War's camera, allowing him to move it around the environment when in and out of cutscenes, and start and stop time freely.

God of War is notable for using a one shot-style camera throughout the entire game, with no cuts or breaks in the action--similar to a movie like 1917. Being able to see how everything unfolds with a free camera hack is fascinating, particularly when it comes to looking in places the camera was never intended to go.

As McDonald makes his way through the game with camera hack in tow, the early highlight so far revolves around Kratos' first encounter with Baldur--when he's simply known as "The Stranger." If you're up to date on your Norse mythology, you'll know that Baldur is incredibly hard to kill, even for an enraged Spartan demigod like Kratos. After snapping the neck of Odin's offspring, however, Kratos thinks he's completed the deed and throws Baldur off the side of a cliff. By swooping the camera down to follow Baldur's descent, McDonald has revealed that the cheeky scoundrel is very much alive and flipping you off the entire time.

Someone at developer Sony Santa Monica certainly had a lot of fun animating Baldur giving Kratos the bird. It's also another example of McDonald's excellent work giving us a peek behind the scenes at fun moments we were never meant to see. It will be interesting to see what else is unearthed as his camera hack explores the rest of the game.

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