God of War Saga Collection arriving in August?

Retail source says additional God of War compilation pack on sale next month; no word on games in the bundle.


God of War: Ascension

A new God of War software bundle is reportedly in the works and will arrive next month, Siliconera reports today. Citing an unspecified retail source, the report says a "God of War Saga Collection" for the PlayStation 3 will hit store shelves in August, bundling unspecified games.

Is Kratos stalking back to retail next month?
Is Kratos stalking back to retail next month?

No further information is available, and a Sony representative declined to comment.

Sony is no stranger to God of War compilations. The company has previously released the God of War Collection, which bundled PlayStation 2 games God of War and God of War II for the PS3, and the God of War Origins Collection, which included franchise PSP games Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, released for the first time on PS3.

God of War: Ascension is the next core entry in the series. It is due out on March 5, 2013, and is a prequel to the original trilogy that will tell Kratos' origins story. The game's multiplayer mode will include persistent features as players develop their Trojan or Spartan soldiers over time.

Performance on the battlefield can yield blessings from the gods in the form of new perks, weapons, and abilities. There will also be a number of different combat roles for players, depending on the god with which they associate themselves, such as Hades, Poseidon, Zeus, or Ares.

For more on God of War: Ascension, check out GameSpot's latest preview.

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how many collections can they make for these?

Yeah, another case grab.


Sony really wants all playstation owners to play this series of games


What's left to include? Are they gonna combine the two packs? Throw in GoW3 as well?


Interesting. I already have the God of War 1 & 2 collection. I'll pick up the PSP ones off Ebay. Curious to see what this will include those.


@blackace wait before you get teh PSP one, this one might include all :P


Maybe this compilation will finally include the Blades of Chaos in the box with the included kit to fuse the chains to your arms. Then I'll never have to get out my lawnmower again. I'll just go out to the yard and start swinging!


I have every God of War Game. They are all available on Blu-Ray Disc. So would all the Games fit on 1 Blu Ray disc? Given 2 are PSP games, 2 are Playstation 2 games and God of War 3. So even with enhanced graphics these games could maybe fit on on 50GB Blu Ray Disc. And some extra content like the God of War 2 bonus disc. This is a great way for people to catch up on God of War series. Before God of War 4.


If it was a 4 layer disc then probably. Each HD remake range from 14-19GB while GOW3 is 35GB.


Son of a *****!! I just bought GoW trilogy (AMAZING by the way)! I won't buy this "saga collection", I'm happy with I have, thanks


I've really wanted to play these, but alas, I'm on the 360. Maybe one day.


@paulsifer42 I bought a PS3 for the blue and GoW alone.

Turns out its generally superior to the box... minus their crappy dashboard and no Halo.


@EmericaCky2K And network.

No, I've thought about getting a PS3, for Infamous, GoW, and Uncharted, but to be honest, I barely have time to play the games I have, AND I've been finding a lot of games on PC that I'm suddenly in to. Aww, first world problems. :D


@paulsifer42 man up and get a ps3.


@biggezel I expected this kind of response from the Xbox MW3 jarheads, but I guess you have them on the PS3 too. :)


shame on me. I never got really into the series.

so this could be nice for me cause this has been on my "to-play-list" far too long


I hope they'll release it for a fair price, the games are not recent (2005-2007,...) I won't buy it for 60$.


No thanks. I still have both collections and GoW3 in Pandora's Box.


Damn another GoW Collection? Milk that cow Sony. I bet it will be GoW 1-3 plus Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. And it will come with a Beta/Demo for God of War Ascension.


Kratos looks really stupid on that thumbnail lol


@Rovelius Perfect for Facebook DP.


Wouldn't want to see the price tag for that.


too much compilation


perhaps you're all talking about the latam edition,it includes god of war 1,2,3,ghost of sparta and chain of olympus,oh and a brand new figure!yup!a new toy of kratos!cool uh?latam stands for latino america,didn't ya know?


....I might be in the 1% of those who've yet to get the 3rd GoW. If this has the HD versions of the first two...dare I say it would be perfect.

It is odd that they're doing another compilation though...


well i guess if nothing else it'll give people who haven't played any of the series yet a chance to have the whole saga


It should contain God of War COP+ God of War GOS+ God of War 3 then i would buy it




Not another I already own the previous entries in the series.


Gow 4 on the Exclusive to Vita.... Please shut it. That's the most stupidest idea ever.


GoW Fans already own both Collections and GoW 3. Why is Santa Monica doing this? It's stupid to boot. Let's release a compliation of a compliation. There not including any new Content if they do this. There just goin package GoW 3 with it and charge $60. Of you haven't bought the 2 Collections and GoW 3 by now than toy don't deserve this Ultimate Collection.


@BryanParksSuper well we'll probably see a bigger GoW collection on the PS4


i hope it will come out for pc too ..for sure i'm going to play it over again from the start because i'm a big fan of the franchise.


@altairdarius Your not very bright are you???


I own all the God of War games, so this won't be for me most likely...but if it helps out future fans, I'm all for it.


i can't wait for it.


In my opinion, God of War: Ascension should have been exclusive on the Playstation Vita instead of the Playstation 3, because the Playstation Vita lacks some games.


Well if it includes a Kratus statue and an art book, count me in.


Makes sense to do a cheap bundle in the run up to the new game coming out.

Whining about something like this coming out is far more pointless than any collection could ever be.


As stated before, i wish this was something for the PSVita, as it is currently lacking games. The Vita is starting to go the route of the PSP, where they bring out this beautiful and powerful peice of hardware but don't back it up with strong software.



Agreed. Uncharted is the only decent game available. A GoW game would be amazing!


@DarxPhil Actually ,even though I never owned one , I admired the psp's library. Assassin's Creed , Mortal Kombat , God of War , GTA , Resistance , Thrillville , Secret Agent Clank , Daxter , etc. if it weren't for my strained wallet at the moment I would probably get a psp.


@DarxPhil The PSP had tons of "strong software" though... the thing was it took a while for it to start appearing. No reason to expect different from the Vita as yet.


another one???? talk about milking the past glory.

I can see this as a success only IF:

-is a VITA game

-have EVERY SINGLE game on the franchise (PS2, PSP and PS3 games)

-Cost $40 or less.


@AngelCage-2 I'd buy the collection if it's released in Vita. But knowing Sony... I wouldn't hold my breath.


I think that unless this were a Vita title, then it is pointless.


Well guys here in LatinAmerica Theres a God Of War Collection coming out on November it is called God Of War OMEGA Collection , it contains GOW 3 , GOW Origins Collection , GOW Collection , a Kratos statue and a SteelBook with exclusive art , you can check the link right Here http://blog.latam.playstation.com/2012/06/06/e3-2012-presentamos-god-of-war-omega-collection/


good god, how many "collections" does one franchise need?!


@Crazyguy105 god only knows


@Crazyguy105 Three apparently.

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