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God Of War Ragnarok: How To Transmog Gear

You can alter the appearance of your gear after meeting certain requirements.


One of the most substantial additions to 2018's God of War was the ability to find, craft, and equip a variety of gear to bolster Kratos' stats, and God of War Ragnarok expands on that idea even further. Like in the first game, stats are still tied to specific sets of armor, but this time around, you have a lot more control over how Kratos looks via a new transmogrification system. That is provided you've met a specific requirement. Read on for how to transmog your armor in God of War Ragnarok.

This guide contains light gameplay spoilers.

God of War Ragnarok transmog

In order to apply a transmog to a piece of armor in God of War Ragnarok, you'll first need to max out its level. This means you'll need to get it to level 9 by finding the appropriate crafting materials and visiting a forge. But better news awaits--as once you've maxed out the level of a piece of gear you want to transmog, you can easily make it look like any other piece of armor you've found or crafted. In other words, you only have to max out the level of the armor you want to transmog.

Hold the Square button to apply an appearance.
Hold the Square button to apply an appearance.

Note that you don't need to be at Brok and Sindri's smithing shop for this. To change the visuals of your maxed-out armor, simply open your armor tab and select either Chest, Wrist, or Waist, then click on it and find the specific piece of armor you want to transmog. If it's maxed out, you should see an "Edit Appearance" prompt, meaning you can press the Square button to transmog it. Once in this menu, you can scroll through all of the pieces of that type of gear you've acquired thus far. Select the appearance you want, then hold the Square button to apply it.

You can mix and match these styles to make Kratos look specifically how you want him to, so feel free to get creative. After you're done checking that out, take a look at where to find the Muspelheim seed halves so that you can head to that realm and compete in deadly challenges for some more loot.

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