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God Of War PS5 Update Is Out Now With 4K, 60fps Support

Starting tomorrow, February 2, you can make one of the last generation's best-looking games even better.


A free PS5 upgrade is now available for 2018 God of War. You can now download the patch for the enhanced version, which gives the game a nice graphical upgrade.

According to the announcement blog, the PS4 Pro lets you choose between performance or resolution. The new patch replaces that option with one a new default that offers both. It runs at 60 FPS in 4K checkerboard resolution at 2160p. You'll still have the option to choose "Original Performance Experience" to run the game at 4K with 30 FPS.

God of War was already known for its impressive visuals, and a few of the glimpses of this upgrade look even nicer. The blog shows two images: a colorful forest, and Kratos climbing a mountainside.

God of War is included as part of the PlayStation Plus Collection on PS5. That selection of notable PS4 games is available for all PS5 owners who are also PS Plus members. The collection includes more than 20 games in all, some of which have already gotten graphic upgrade patches for PS5.

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