God Of War PS4's New Game Plus Update Is Now Available

Keep your weapons, abilities, and unlocks for a second playthrough.

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An anticipated update for PS4's God of War launches today, August 20. Its biggest feature is the introduction of New Game Plus mode, although that's not all it has in store--it also includes some changes for those who have not yet completed their initial playthrough. [Update: The update is now live on PSN.]

New Game Plus is the headliner, and it allows you to play through the game again from the start, but with access to your various unlocks, abilities, and weapons. That's particularly notable, because it means you'll have both weapons right out of the gate.

When starting New Game Plus, you'll be able to select a new difficulty; you aren't tied to the choice from your previous playthrough. There's a variety of new and different challenges, like timed Realm Tears, altered attack patterns for enemies, and more.

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There is actually new content to check out in New Game Plus, as you'll be able to forge new armor for both Kratos and Atreus. Developer Sony Santa Monica teases this includes "some with exciting new gameplay abilities, such as a chest piece which creates massive explosions whenever Health or Rage stones are stomped on." There are also enhanced versions of armor and other items, with a new rarity level--Perfect--you can upgrade to by getting your hands on a new resource called Skap Slag. You can see some of the items we've spotted so far in the images above.

By starting New Game Plus, you'll receive a new shield skin. Finish the mode on Give Me God of War+ difficulty and you'll also unlock a second exclusive shield skin.

In terms of what's changed even for those not playing in New Game Plus, you can now skip any cinematic, provided you've finished the game once. Additionally, you can more easily switch armor, as a button has been added that lets you easily transfer your enchantments. And finally, there have been quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. We did not receive a comprehensive list of these, but they include improving the Wrath of the Frost Ancient Runic attack and changing Parry Attacks to protect Kratos from damage "at all times."

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Avatar image for Destructionzz

It did not just say Cod of War...

Anyway I'm still unclear on NG+, by unlocks you don't mean map completion, areas, chests and so on? The thought of finding and looting everything again seems exhaustive, and a bit pointless. Story is one thing, and using your awesome gear and find a fresh challenge with a new difficulty. The former part is what I don't get about any NG+, both why it is so and why people would want that. It's like, want to do everything you OCD'ely spent shitloads of time completing? My kind of NG+, the logical one, would be to keep everything, only story restarting. You want to revisit the story you get that, and a higher difficulty if you want a new challenge, with your new gear.

"Additionally, you can more easily switch armor, as a button has been added that lets you easily transfer your enchantments." I needed this in my life.

As for the parry change I never use it, it might be worth it but I've developed a habit of just dodging. Seems more versatile when moving about, as you often do in this intense combat. It occurred to me quite late in the game that I've barely used my shield, except in the beginning when awesome moves weren't so plenty.

Avatar image for hollywood1

I'm a diehard Xbox fan, gamer, owner. Had all the Xbox consoles, Have an Xbox One X.

I got the PS4Pro God of War limited edition console.... a few months back. Never had played a God of War game before.

I've been gaming since '82 on the original Atari playing Adventure, Missile Command and Centipede.... all classics, all amazing...

But God of War is the GREATEST game I've ever played. A breathtaking MASTERPIECE!

I've almost completed my first play through and am so stoked to be able to immediately start again with this Game+ mode.

Avatar image for barcaazul


You definitely picked the right game, it really is a great bit of work.

I would recommend you try Horizon zero dawn too, it's also great

Avatar image for KiriharaZro

So basically this update adds only cosmetic things, "new armor with a new title 'perfect' (LMAO)" "new shield skins", jeez they really don't add something interesting to return, because you can have the platinum trophy without any of this "updated items" so why return to a game that never reach the climax of any other GOW? because the last fight was like any other encounter with Baldur, boring and uninspired.

Avatar image for aross2004

@KiriharaZro: Really didn't need this free update at all to play this masterpiece again. It's all just gravy at this point.

Avatar image for pcps4xb

@KiriharaZro: hard mode plus is enough for me to return to this masterpiece.

Avatar image for siritokakyou

@KiriharaZro: The update is free and you don't have to pay for those armors but hard efforts and you still complain? "Never reach the climax of any other GOW", it is a build up installment how can you reach the climax already? Boring and uninspired last fight, you want real last fight then have you ever fought a single Valkyrie battle yet? Oh and if you think people are going back to this game only for getting platinum, think again

Avatar image for KiriharaZro

@siritokakyou: LOL I already have the platinum trophy, once you get it, you really don't have any real reason to come back for some free armors, just if you are an item collector. Yes its a free update but they just add some items and a new 'perfect' rarity scale, some "new" enemy moves but that's all, I rather preferred to pay to enter the blocked realms, explore them kill some new bosses and obtain new items and armor just like any good action rpg, even new game plus lets you choose the difficulty again which is nonsense since you're already overpowered and a few changes in enemy attacks dont bother at all.

Sorry to say it but the story was unispired, the final boss was so easy and the fight was so boring that I really didn't realize the game was finished, one example is that cheap trick when Kratos kill Baldur just to anger Freya and turning her into a future enemy, I really roll my eyes when that happen, if this gow was good for you then fine, keep playing it, for me its done and a few colorful items aren't enough reason to come back.

Avatar image for nazart81

I'll get back to those treasure maps now and get that platinum :D

Avatar image for Destructionzz

@nazart81: Except you don't keep that stuff on a NG+, so you'd have to collect it all over.

Avatar image for whatsazerg

Cool... I'll go back to it again if I find time.

Avatar image for Ice-Cube

Great way to jump back in this years GOTY!!

Avatar image for donjuancorleone

This will be perfect to pass my time before RDR2 comes out.

Avatar image for swillermann

Was hoping for a story expansion like Horizon Zero Dawn. Take my money!

Avatar image for videogameninja

Perfect excuse to boot up what is one of the best games of this gen so far... ain't that right, BOY?!!!!


Avatar image for barcaazul


Yes definitely, I finished the game, but not the final task, really must grind Niflheim to finish it.

Avatar image for videogameninja

@barcaazul: Was definitely a grind but there were a few strategies to make those numerous battles in the mist more bearable. Then there was the Valkyrie battle. Yeah… that was fun.


The things some of us do for Platinums.


Avatar image for barcaazul


Yes definitely, I want the platinum, so I will go back to it to get the right armour