God of War PS4 Trailer Is Hiding Some Secrets

Some eagle-eyed God of War fans have spotted some things in the E3 gameplay demo that look mighty peculiar.


The new God of War's E3 stage demo had a lot you could miss, but some very attentive fans have discovered even more secrets. A NeoGAF user spotted three things that could hint at enemies Kratos will go up against in his new Scandinavian adventure.

The first is a dark, ghostly figure, which shows up after Kratos's first battle with two smaller enemies. As he and his son walk through some arches, you can see the figure on the right hand side, just as it zooms off the screen to the right. You can see it for yourself in the gameplay demo at around 3:45 or in the GIF below.

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The second mysterious creature is seen flying and holding a stick--my guess is that it probably hurts to get hit by it. You can see it following the troll fight, after Kratos and his son discover Dauthamunni. It appears in the top right corner at around 6:45 in the gameplay demo. You can see it in the GIF above.

The last spotting is a big one. As Kratos and his son look across the Scandinavian landscape, you might notice there's an icy river flowing in the valley below. However, as NeoGAF user Fliesen points out, it's not a river.

"Nah, man, those are scales," they wrote. "And they're clearly moving in front of the treeline--if that were a river, you'd see some kind of shoreline."

Some users believe it points to an "epic" boss fight with the World Serpent, Jörmungandr. Its "World Serpent" moniker comes from the fact that it grew to be so big that it could stretch itself around the world and touch its own tail. The thing in the gameplay demo, which can be seen around 9:15, looks pretty big. You can see it for yourself in a GIF below.

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Whether these findings turn out to be enemies remains to be seen, but we'll keep you updated on all the God of War news as it's revealed.

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