God Of War PS4 Still Has A Secret No One Has Found

Turns out Kratos is pretty good at keeping his mouth shut.


God of War has been out for well over a month now--enough time that most games would have been plumbed clean of Easter eggs and secrets. Apparently though, Sony Santa Monica's latest still has something left to find.

"I still think there is one thing that no one has found yet that I know for certain, because I haven't seen any stories about it," game director Cory Barlog told Gaming Bolt. "Now I'm not going to tell you what that is, but I don't know if there's any cinematics per se, it seems like people have been able to get all the permutations. Not one person, but everyone collectively."

He also mused that these kinds of secrets tend to be discovered quickly. "I always think that people usually figure things out within hours, and the fact that we went a week without people figuring things out was impressive," he said.

Given the stellar sales of God of War it's surprising that anything is left to uncover. And we do know that Sony hid some nifty secrets in this franchise reboot, including an homage to the Marvel film Avengers: Infinity War. Barlog didn't mention any in-game metrics to say for certain if the secret has been found, so it's possible a fan actually has found it but not publicized it. Now that we suspect something else is waiting to be uncovered, fans are sure to scour it that much harder.

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