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God Of War PS4 Has Now Gone Gold

God of War goes gold.


One of the most anticipated PS4 games of 2018 has now reached a critical milestone. On Twitter, the official PlayStation account announced that the upcoming God of War has gone gold, meaning the game is now ready to be sent off for manufacturing.

Along with the announcement, game director Cory Barlog shared his thoughts on reaching the milestone and reflected on the game's development in a post on the PlayStation Blog. "Going gold means so much more to me with this game," Barlog said. "It has been a long and exhausting journey filled with laughs, arguments, and a healthy dose of fear--with a side of doubt.

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"This was the scariest, most wonderful thing I have ever done and I can honestly say it would never have been possible without the full-throated support of Sony and the tireless work of the incredible team at Santa Monica Studio. We have been through a lot together and I would not change a thing."

Unlike previous entries, God of War for PS4 serves as something of a reboot for the series. The game is rooted in Norse mythology rather than Greek like previous installments and tells a more personal tale focusing on Kratos and his young son, Atreus. It also features a markedly different combat system, as well as a cool one-shot cinematic technique that presents the entire story in one, uninterrupted shot without cuts or fades.

God of War releases for PS4 on April 20. The game is will take roughly 30 hours to finish, making it much longer than its predecessors, and Barlog confirmed it won't include microtransactions. We recently got a chance to talk with Barlog about the game and how God of War learned from The Last of Us.

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