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God Of War PS4 Gameplay Shows Huge Differences From Previous Games

Immortal combat.

Ever since God of War was revealed for PS4, it's been clear the game would differ from its predecessors in the series. It appeared to have a slower pace, combat seemed vastly different, and Kratos now had a son! As it turns out, those assumptions are true: the game does feel unlike anything the series has seen before.

We recently got to check out the action title's opening couple of hours, and in the video above you can watch resident God of War expert Tamoor Hussain and series newcomer Dave Jewitt discuss what they saw. There's also some great gameplay of Kratos's new ice axe and shield combination.

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They go on to talk about how Kratos's son, Atreus, feels relevant to both the story and the gameplay; Kratos is a stranger in the Nordic land he finds himself in, and he relies on his son to teach him about Norse culture and to decipher the people's runes and language. Atreus also helps out in combat, so he's doesn't feel like a burden, as many video game companion characters do.

God of War's release date has been set for April 20. The game will take around 30 hours to beat, making it much longer than its predecessors, and it won't include any microtransactions. For more on the upcoming action game, check out the nine things we want from God of War. Alternatively, take a look at some more of the biggest PS4 games to play in 2018.

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