God of War PS4 Doesn't Include Multiplayer, Won't Be Kratos's Last Game

God of War won't feature a multiplayer mode like the one seen in PS3 game Ascension.

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The new God of War might bring the series to PS4, but it won't include a multiplayer mode, which was first seen in God of War: Ascension. Director Cory Barlog confirmed that to Spanish gaming website Level Up (via GameTransfers).

Barlog also confirmed to Level Up that God of War won't be Kratos's last game and that his son knows he's a demigod but isn't aware of his past. Level Up reports that the upcoming PS4 game will run at 30 FPS. We've contacted Sony to confirm this information.

God of War: Ascension's multiplayer was described as lacking "originality and compelling mode" by GameSpot critic Mark Walton. He said, "Like most multiplayer modes tacked onto a largely single-player adventure, it's not something you're likely to play more than once, and only then out of morbid curiosity."

Barlog recently spoke to GameSpot about the challenge of making people take Kratos seriously. He also joined us on our live E3 stage show to talk about reinventing Kratos and the series' perspective, in addition to why the angry Spartan can find himself in the middle of Norse mythology.

We learned last week that God of War PS4 will be set after the events of third game, and it won't feature an open world--though Barlog did say it was "open." It also won't feature the original Kratos voice actor, T.C. Carson. The role has instead been taken over by Stargate SG-1 actor Christopher Judge.

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Single player games rule.

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Whats with the current gen, not many games seem to be getting multiplayer or split screen.

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That's fine for GoW's brand of HnS (slow foes, loose input windows, etc.). If they're going TLoU (and they are), they could afford to be smoother, but I suppose they want to sacrifice that for even more graphics. Whatever.

>MP was a mistake

Why didn't you listen?

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Not every game needs to be 60fps. 30fps didn't hurt Uncharted 4 one bit so what's the big deal?

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Better to just focus on SP, maybe the "force MP" trend will finally die someday.

Avatar image for ziltoid

@7tizz: Hey mate, i don't understand what you are trying to point out.

Consoles MMOs and online shooters shall always exists, and little they have to do with what i'm trying to say.

I'm talking about publishers forcing developers into including Multiplayer in Single Player focused games. You do realize how that affect the development process of a game right?

Again regardless of me being forced or not, it would be better for this trend to die, we have enough successful Single Player only games so far this generation to point this out. Let the developers make the call, they are the ones working on it afterall.

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@7tizz: Hey mate, i'm sorry if i come out rude but yet again i failed to see your point through what you write.

Separating the teams, or in some cases hiring another entire crew(Bioshock 2 for example), it is of course a natural process that, as you said it yourself, directly affects the budget = time to work in a certain product.

Single player games are usually much more expensive to make than multiplayer games, assuming that Sony didn't include MP in The Order to save money is plain absurd. Do you remember how many times the game was delayed? How massive the marketing was?

Ready At Dawn isn't a huge studio, for them having two separate teams would makes things even harder, because unfortunately they barely sorted out the single player, which sadly is pretty terrible.

CD Projekt RED, Rocksteady and Bethesda all focus all effort = budget on SP and look how much content these guys deliver.

What i can see from your other posts here, that it seems that you want somehow that all games also follows the multiplayer direction. But that what's exciting about this market mate, we have both, and to be very honest, Titanfall 2 could do better without SP, why not focus on a larger MP?

You acknowledge it yourself on your post, it demands multiple teams, it changes the enviroment and the budget, that's why i can't quite understand what you're trying to say. It seems you simply trying to force your way.

Avatar image for ziltoid

@7tizz: "You're assumption that multiplayer hurts SP games is simply false".

Interesting, i never said that multiplayer hurts SP games, what i said is that when publishers forces developers with a SP focused process to also make MP they hurt the process. My original statement is below:

"I'm talking about publishers forcing developers into including Multiplayer in Single Player focused games. You do realize how that affect the development process of a game right?"

Now moving on:

"My point with The Order was that there's plenty of bad SP only games out there."

No it wasn't, although i would also like to point out that saying "that there's plenty of bad SP only games out there" does nothing to our discussion, since i never claimed that SP only games are always good or that the trend of "forcing MP" is the sole reason of having a bad SP game.

What you were actually trying to do was to say that The Order didn't have MP due to budget, if you look at facts you will see how it's not true.

"Did multiplayer hurt UC4's SP game? What about LoU?"

It's interesting that you brought Naughty Dog, since it help us to better see the context of our discussion.

Naughty Dog first attempt at Online was back at the second Uncharted, which was a quiet solid one, they already had the bulk of the engine figure out due to the experience with the first game, so they managed to expand into making the second a both SP and MP game. They have been evolving ever since, in both fronts, and choose to follow the direction of having both an SP and MP. It's important to remember though, that Naughty Dog games are extremely linear, so they are "easier" to make and test out.

And move onto producers like Bethesda for example, who have been dedicating themselves in SP games only(there was Elder Scrolls online which didn't work very well). Also CD Projekt RED, and as i said before, by choosing a development process focused only on SP, look at how much content these guys manage to deliver.

Now about Ready At Dawn, the only experience they had was pretty much making two God Of Wars games from PSP, it must have been quite the hell to develop all the high tech assets and achieve the graphical quality of The Order, including an MP on that situation, would be suicide.

And to end my long post(sorry for that), how about Rockstar games, who has clearly focused their efforts on MP with GTA V. I don't know if you played it, but have you ever noticed how the SP game feels constrained compared to the Online? And about the SP DLCs? They are nowhere to found.

So in the end it's all a matter of choice, what i don't like though, is when publishers force Online stuff. Which was the urge that caused my original comment. If you want to look at that particular thing, take a quick search on google about how EA games and Ubisoft have handled many of their games lately.

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@ziltoid: Amen

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@7tizz: Not every game needs multiplayer

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@7tizz: There are just as many single player fans out there. You want multiplayer, go play games designed for multiplayer, and leave the other franchises that do not need it out. It's not that difficult.

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Excellent news, i came here just to thumb this up.

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Any release windown yet?

Avatar image for louixiii

@quink: Of course..it just haven't been announced but if you follow the industry...the answer is right in front of you

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30 fps? Sigh this generation of consoles r way too underpowered.

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@freeformrulz: While I do agree 100% that 60fps is nice and should be the norm, it's pretty sad that a lot of people use that mark as a deal-breaker for a game that's locked at 30fps. I say as long as the game is a blast and it performs well, I'm happy. Theatrical movies have been locked at 24fps for DECADES.... yet I hear crickets chirping on that topic. :|

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@freeformrulz: I didn't know every game had to be 60fps to be fun. Uncharted 4 says hi lol

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@louixiii: Yea I beat uncharted and I still think it would be a million times better in 60 fps like the multi-player

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@freeformrulz: Just a million lol Anyway...Uncharted was awesome in 30fps. Nobody can really deny that

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Get all the resources on the campaign i say...........No need for MP.
The 30fps really makes me wanna send my PS4 out of the window...Oh Sony you'd better have an upgrade plan in mind or I am becoming a hater! I have been giving you money for 20 years now...

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@ftskamins: they can do 60 fps.but they desided better graphics is more important than higher fps count.im sure that even if the ps4 was even more powerfull they would do the same....they would buff the graphics and keep 30fps.its not a bad thing.if its not a shooter i actually dont mind....

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@games2525: Unfortunately I do...So i didnt buy uncharted 4 for the moment to see if the Neo will do 60fps.

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Why do they go and reveal big story stuff like this before the game is even out?

But, no multiplayer is a good thing. There are plenty of online games for that.

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Good. Not every game needs to have a multiplayer forced into it. I can only hope this will continue into the next game as well.

Avatar image for ixilion

A pair of good news...not every game needs to have a mediocre MP tacked on, and I sincerely doubt Kratos would be able to slay all the Norse Gods in one game, so they can work on fleshing the new game out.

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Good, this is a series that does not need it. Just focus on an epic single player campaign...

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

Who cares about a mp hack n slash anyway? God of War was always about the campaign. The bit that concerns me is 30fps. Will PS4 and Xbox one ever be back to 60fps gaming?

Avatar image for louixiii

@gotrekfabian: DOOM just came out last month. 60fps 1080p

Avatar image for derceto

@gotrekfabian: "Will PS4 and Xbox one ever be back to 60fps gaming?"

Yep, you'll just have to pay another $400 or so for a 60 fps capable system. Gotta love this "generation" of consoles.

Avatar image for saadred

@derceto: don't worry there will be trade in offer so maybe just 100 or 200 will be enough also :P

Avatar image for freedom01

That is actually a good thing, since GoW is not a online multiplayer game to begin with. Not every game needs a multiplayer mode

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no online multiplayer = music in my ears, this means I can actually try for the platinum in this, I'm not a trophy hunter, but if I like a game, trying for the platinum gives me a few extra hours of it, something that uncharted, the last of us and other games denied me, I still enjoyed them, but it has cut a lot from their replayability

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I imagine most gamers will be OK with this.

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@Mogan: I am.

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Multiplayer shoehorned into single player games is always a pain in the butt. Who bought the first Tomb Raider remake so they could play the AWEsome multiplayer? But they sure as hell made a ton of trophies based around it.

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**** the MP, just give me God of War single player experience as always.

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Keep reading his name as Balrog

Avatar image for patsfan365

actually liked Ascension's multiplayer, felt reminiscent of something like Powerstone, with more hacking and slashing. Though with the new camera positioning and seemingly revamped combat system, Ascension's multiplayer wouldn't exactly have a smooth transition over to this game.

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Not every game needs multiplayer. Kind of glad they arent wasting resources on it.

Avatar image for cornbredx

In the next game Kratos will be cuddling rabbits and then he returns home to an empty house where the player will be tasked with figuring out where everybody is by discovering context by walking around, looking at stuff, and occasionally playing an audio log.

Spoilers: It turns out his kid just went to Walmart to get a pound of beef for dinner. They're having stroganoff.

Avatar image for Mogan

@cornbredx: Jarlmart, probably. And the next game will be a boss rush, where every boss is Kratos's beard.

Avatar image for hystavito

@Mogan: Jarlmart :)