God of War movie gets Saw writers

Universal Studios brings on Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan to rewrite film adaptation of Sony's brutal action game.


The upcoming God of War movie from Universal Studios is still alive, and its new script is being written by Saw series scribes Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter. Melton and Dunstan wrote Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI, and Saw 3D.

Kratos' big-screen debut is being written by the minds behind the latest Saw movies.
Kratos' big-screen debut is being written by the minds behind the latest Saw movies.

Charles Roven and Alex Garnter, producers of the forthcoming film based on Naughty Dog's Uncharted action franchise, are producing the God of War movie via Atlas Entertainment.

No mention was made of a director or actors for the God of War film, and a release date has not been nailed down. In 2008, Rush Hour director Brett Ratner was attached to helm the project, but it is unclear if he is still involved.

News regarding game-to-movie adaptations has been buzzing of late. Just this week, Ubisoft announced that X-Men: First Class and Inglourious Basterds star Michael Fassbender will play the lead role in the upcoming Assassin's Creed film. Additionally, yesterday, CBS Films picked up the rights to make a movie based on Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

God of War: Ascension is due out in March 2013. It is a prequel to the original trilogy, and the first entry in the series to sport a multiplayer component. For more on the project, check out GameSpot's latest preview.

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Oh man, this is blasphemy!!! And when this one flops, who's going to remake the film.? Disney.?

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@LstDrivenMchine yup

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They could never ruin Kratos... but they could ruin this movie. Even though I liked the sick and twisted Saw movies, I cant help but think this movie has a potential for disaster. As a huge GOW fan, I hope not. I would love to see it follow in the footsteps of the game and be as epic as it could be. I say Vin Deisel for Kratos. He has already worked with blades as Riddick and he has the voice to match the part. We will see what happens.

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@npollis1216 goldberg as kratos! :D

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It's not the saw writers that we have to worry about, it's "Universal." I hope their demands do not ruin this film. If Lionsgate had it, it'd be different, they allow more creativity, but let's face it, it's only a directorial debut for Patrick Melton with a studio other than Lion's Gate. This could be ruined... But I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The story is too powerful to fark up.

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@erix43 If lionsgate had it, it would be promise to be an amazing movie! :D

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this is a good sign though i dont want this turned to be re movie again aka wrath of the titans and kratos talking like sam NOTwothington with his idiotic lines : lets get that bitch!!!! gee baaaaaaan that guy from greece related things stick to cowboy movies plz!!!! and as loong as they keep the story which its hard to surpass but keep the essence!!! or be rmembered as the lamest directors to ruin one of the BEST greek cmbat story games in life!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've been a fan of the Saw franchise from day one and also God of War. I know the blood and gore will be on point but we need the story to be on point as well. The first Saw movie was made in 18 days, the best one to date IMO. I wish that writer was still around hes a great story teller.

If the movie suck it will not ruined the game.

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Better not ruin a Sony's greatest hit with a fakakata crappy writers.

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It looks like the Saw directors wanted to play a game.

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@gutsallover A quote from saw doll

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stop do not ruin this game pleasssssssssssssssssssssse pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase

ilove this game and this way it will get ruined

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So, now we 100% sure it will be a failure, thnx to saw writers

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yayy another Crappy movie about tians incoming. Stop creating movies based on games.

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@wexorian yeah well most games based on movies suck just as bad as the movies based on games...... So I take it they are even???

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Ya, just looked at their full roster of work... Saw 4-7, Feast 1-3, The Collector 1-2, and Piranha 3DD... there average score on Rotten Tomatoes is 25.6% with nothing higher than 56%. What does that mean? It means God of War is not going to be the first good video game movie, which is a shame because although I have never played it I hear its got a wonderful story and its a shame to see it cashed it by these two idiots.

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Yay! Oh boy! (Sorry about that. I have this thing where I shout for joy when something I liked is about to be disemboweled Uwe Boll style). This is gonna be the best movie ever! (I apologize for that as well).

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Not the most promising sign.

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This will be a shitty movie...

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Better them than someone who would turn it into some PG-13 bullshit. No matter how bad the writing turns out it can't possibly be worse than God of War III.

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Pour in more and more game-based movies. We can consume as much as you can make. Make sure the stories don't stray too far away from the originals.

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ithink it would be agraet movie

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From the Writers Of SAW Who No One SAW .

God Of War ...

Shia LaBeouf PLAYs Kratos ..

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Are they saying this as though it's a good thing? Do they expect us to get all fired up for the movie now? This is not the way to promote anything.

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Plz leave video games alone! Create your own ideas. Holyweirds.

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Yay... SAW 4-6 writers! This oughtta be good.

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they only way this can work is if david draiman plays kratos, then i'd pay to see it

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Oh, he's talking about that lil boy who played Noami Watts' son on The Ring.

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@rigzzsy @tightwad34


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@samantha_sneez @tightwad34

haha google to the rescue

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I am okay if they make movies of video games, but ONLY if they do it right. So far, the only video game movie I've enjoyed is Hitman. Seeing as how they have the Saw writers on board, this will be ABYSMAL.

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SMDFH is every game getting a movie, very soon someone is goner annouce an angry birds movie *Catchy movie tittle ant it*

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@steelmouth I know that they are making an Angry Birds cartoon show. They may make a kid's movie as well.

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@Richisaninja Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WTF! first need for speed then assassin's creed now god of war whats next

inFAMOUS games should stay games.

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It's official: there will be blood.

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Let's boycott this~~~!!!

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i hate when they make movies out of games

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Eddie Makuch, am I supposed to be excited about this?!

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That was pretty much going to be my comment.

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i want to play a game.....oh wait he already is a game character.......

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I doubt any actor willing to be smashed on a solid wall, stabbed with a damn big sword, drown in the deep sea chased by piranha n free falling in the sky while being burn with the giant bird fire breath. N how the heck are you gonna stick Blade of Chaos on Kratos back? You gonna put armor on kratos for that? Ask the fans if they agree with that.

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Oh god.......... Not another movie based on a game.......

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What the hell? Why are they making movies out of every damn game? Uncharted, Assassins Creed, God of War...

Wow. They must really be out of movie ideas.

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I have been saying that for years.

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We've been hearing about all the steps being taken to make full-fledged movies based on video games for some time now (read: over the many, many years), but ask yourself: how many of them have actually been made?

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Come on guys don't shoot it down just yet at least with Saw writers we'll have a nice gorefest

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@GodMan7 I'll have a good story over a gore fest, ANYDAY. Plus, there are TONS of good writers that could produce a good story and a gorefest 1000 times better then these guys.

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It's God of War. The only way to do it would be a huge gorefest. Although we know how it will turn out.