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God Of War Is Now Available DRM-Free On GOG, Price Slashed To $25

The iconic PlayStation game has finally landed at GOG, and this great deal will stick around until March 29.


God of War has officially landed on the PC digital storefront GOG, and the company is celebrating by slashing its price to just $25 (down from $50). That's one of the best deals we've seen for the PC version of God of War, which previously was only available through Steam. God of War is a fantastic game that's worth full price of admission, but at $25 it's a steal. You have plenty of time to check out the deal, as it doesn't expire until March 29.

While God of War has been available on PC via Steam since the beginning of 2022, its debut on GOG is notable. GOG is famously a DRM-free storefront, meaning you're not restricted to specific launchers or need to be connected to the internet to boot or authenticate games.

To be clear, God of War is playable offline on Steam. The offline component of GOG that is appealing to some players revolves around ownership. Some players prefer DRM-free copies of games because even if the storefront closes down or a game is pulled from sale, they don't have to worry about license authentication issues or even losing access to games in their library.

Not being restricted to one launcher means you can easily play God of War with your preferred setup--even Steam, if you'd like. And since God of War is verified for Steam Deck, owners of Valve's popular handheld can play the epic action-adventure on the go.

God of War originally launched in 2018 on PS4
God of War originally launched in 2018 on PS4

The game is still at full price on Steam and rarely goes on sale, so this launch offer from GOG is pretty darn good. making GOG the best place to pick up the iconic adventure right now. GOG also offers refunds for up to 30 days.

Our God of War PC review found it to be the best way to experience Kratos' journey, awarding it a stellar 9/10 for its upgraded graphics, tense combat, and compelling narrative.

"God of War isn't drastically different on PC when compared to the PS4 version that launched back in 2018, but its little improvements are definitely nice ones, making this a solid PC port overall," wrote critic Peter Brown. "There isn't reason enough here to buy a second copy of the game if you've already played, necessarily, but the PC version is a great reason to check out God of War for the first time for anybody who hasn't had a chance to experience it."

It's worth noting that a few other PlayStation PC games are available at GOG, too.

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