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God of War III slays 1 million

SCEA's Peter Dille confirms Santa Monica studio's acclaimed action adventure reached platinum sales milestone "in the first couple of days."


It would appear as if God of War III is turning in a herculean effort at retail. As part of the MI6 marketing conference in San Francisco this week, Peter Dille, who serves as SCEA's senior VP of marketing and PlayStation Network, confirmed that the Sony Santa Monica-developed action adventure sold 1 million units "in the first couple of days." The game achieved high critical marks upon its debut exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on March 16.

Kratos is actually smiling right now, on the inside.
Kratos is actually smiling right now, on the inside.

Dille did not indicate whether God of War III's sales figure pertained to the global market or was limited to North America. The publisher had not responded to requests for clarification as of press time. However, the God of War franchise has a multimillion-unit-selling history, as the first two PlayStation 2 installments have combined to sell in excess of 8 million units, according to the LA Times.

God of War III marks the conclusion of Kratos' current story arc to bring about the fall of Olympus. As in previous installments, the visceral gameplay sees Kratos dismembering, decapitating, eviscerating, mutilating, and otherwise doing grievous bodily harm to a variety of mythological beasts. For this installment, gameplay also emphasizes fighting on monolithic Titans and mounting enemies, as well as gaining new weapons and additional attacks.

For more information, check out GameSpot's video review, below.

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