God of War III officially PS3-bound

Confirming Cory Barlog's exit from its Santa Monica studio, SCEA announces Kratos is indeed coming to its next-gen console.


In March, Sony Computer Entertainment America held a lavish launch party in San Francisco for God of War II. In the course of the celebrations, Cory Barlog, the game's outspoken director, dropped some none-too-subtle hints that the series would be coming to the PlayStation 3 along with force feedback technology.

"If we were to do a God of War III on the PS3..." said Barlog to the enthusiastic crowd, before changing pace midsentence. "We're excited about the potential--maybe, no commitment, no announcement or anything like that--to maybe have [God of War hero] Kratos in 1080p with the Sixaxis and vibration. Vibration is coming back to the PS3, that's pretty cool, huh?"

At the time of Barlog's outburst, SCEA reps would comment on neither a rumble-enabled Sixaxis nor the possible appearance of God of War III on the PS3. Now, less than two months after the Dual Shock 3 was unveiled at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show, Sony has officially confirmed that God of War III is indeed in development exclusively for the PS3 at SCEA's Santa Monica studio. It provided no further details on the game.

Unfortunately, the God of War III announcement was tempered by some bittersweet news. SCEA has confirmed that Barlog himself no longer works at the company's Santa Monica studio. "We are grateful for his work and creative vision for the critically acclaimed God of War franchise," the company said in a brief statement in which it expressed faith in the remaining members of the GOWIII and God of War: Chains of Olympus teams.

Barlog's departure remains shrouded in mystery. So far, he has shared no information about his future plans on his personal blog, where he last posted in mid-October. His exit comes just under four months after God of War series creative director David Jaffe announced he was leaving SCEA's employ after 14 years. Jaffe maintains close ties with Sony, and his indie studio Eat Sleep Play's first project is a PlayStation 2 port of the PSP game Twisted Metal: Head On.

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@ Dane-o shouldnt you be playing halo or something?? this game is for the big boys and the age range for 360 players is 12-17 so its a no go lol

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can't wait for this game. i went and got a 500 dollar ps3 just for this game and all the other ps3 games. and its amazing how 360 fans r saying that gow 3 is goin to be for 360. 360 fans god of war was from sony, no way microsoft will have that game. and the microsoft fans are here where ps3 ppl r.

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360 owners are going to EXPLODE when this comes out; just like they did when Killzone 2 came out!

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No it wouldn't dane-o the god of war series is exclusively for sony like halo is for microsoft.

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I think if they released it on the 360 and ps3 (like most other games) sales would fly through the roof. stupid corporate bull!!! THE GAMERS SHOULD HAVE THE CHOICE!!. Gow3 would love the xbox

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woooooooooooooow god of war 3 would never come to 360 gow3 is going 2 b the seconfd game2 actually fill up a blu ray disc 1st was mgs4 360 will need 10 discs at least 2 even play the game half way

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Its funny seeing XBOX360 users coming to the PS3 section and telling that GOW3 will be going multi-platform. you know whats even more funny is that you fall for it. no one in their right minds think gow3 will come out on 360. god of war is a sony owned franchise.

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March of 09, that's my bet. napk1ns you are pretty dumb. they havent released any in game footage. the way the ps3 hype machine works is it takes roughly 2 years exposure before release thats including the delays.

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it comes out 30 november

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March of 09, that's my bet.

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GOW3 on playstaion can bring a big smackdown on halo 3 for xbox360, Am i right. Long Live SONY!! Ohh if u xbox lovers want gow so bad come to ps3 but it will never go multiplatform, Like halo so i agree withD-Camo.. STAY ON UR SIDE OF THE GAME CONSOLES

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I never realized that Sony has more 1st party publishers than M$. Mostly all the 1st party games from Sony are the ones I am looking forward to getting ASAP. I rented GodOW and loved the game but then I took a gaming brake and didn't pick up gaming again till i got the PS3 in November last year. Once GOW3 gets dated I know how much time I will have and go out and buy 1&2 so I can catch up with the game.

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this is gonna seriously hurt the 360....GO SONY!!!

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i feel really pity for xbox users....it was no doubt year of xbox in 2007....and the start of 2008......but now the time os ps3 has begun.with games like lil big planet......mgs4.....gow3(my personal favorite).ps3 is going to be on top...and ofcourse the ps3 home.....cant wait for all this........

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Its funny seeing XBOX360 users coming to the PS3 section and telling that GOW3 will be going multi-platform. Why dont you guys stay on your side of the XBOX360 section or if you do want to come here, dont express your false hopes of GOW3 being on the 360. This game is a PS3 exclusive and this means it not going to come for the PS2, only the PS3 and especially not the 360.

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AlienKing123 are you retarded? Wtf are you talking about tradition on the ps2? what would be the point of developing a new system if your just gonna keep making video games for the old model??(O and chains of olympus was on the psp and if I recall right there was also one on the cell phone). people have been waiting a year to see kratos in high def and now that hes finally here its like a sign from god that hes actually answering our prayers. o and god of war 3 is actually considered god of war 5 not 4 if you count the cell phone version which actually does tie in with the story so yea...

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with the wait that we have had for mgs4 and resident evil 5. i say this is gona come out by the end of life of the ps3. how long is gt hd in de making now?...............

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im guessing late 2009

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Sometimes its imp 4 a game 2 move into the next gen. Many people were pissed that metroid prime 3 appeared on the wii and not the GC where the trigoly first started.. same with halo which first started on the xbox but finished on 360.. so yeah its really no big deal anyway.. i dont see GOW 3 coming out any time soon anyways.. ill give the wait till abt mid 2009 4 big things appearing from this game such as trailers and etc.. Sony has other titles 2 show this E3 and probably even next E3 wifout GOW3 soo yeah give it some time.. and by the time it comes out PS3 will be cheaper.. It'll look amazing cuz ps3 graphics r off teh hook.. jus compaire ps3 and 360 "exclusive" titles..

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i think it;ll be the best action hack n slash ever. i think it gets atleast a 9+ with multiplayer and kratos is hd .... i cant wait for news, how little doesnt matter, and i want screens. I CANT WAIT!!

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my cousin said that there is gonna be a GOW 4 for the ps2 which would make it practically GOW 3 and if GOW 3 is just gonna be on the ps3 doesn't that mean it is ruining the tradition of all GOW games to being on the ps2 as they will be on the ps3? if u kno what i mean

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Technically this will be GOW5. because its gonna be the 5th game.... But I do agree that it should be on the ps2 as well as the ps3. (for the fans that don't have a ps3 because of expenses.) In fact they should put chains of Olympus on ps2 as well as a remake of the mobile phone GOW But thats just my opinion.

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musclebound:and what about those people who can't effort a ps3?they deserve too to finish the sequel that they already started(whit gow and gow2),a multiplatform release always + profit for the publishers,so I can't see why can't SCEA release gow 3 for the ps2 too ps.the ps2 isn't dead,it will be when the ps4 appears;proof: big games will be released for the ps2 too,see:SW:The Force Unleashed,Spider Man :Web of Shadows,Alone in the Dark,..................

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i cant wait one second

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This game should not be on PS2 also. PS2 is dead now. The Next gen is here. Get with the times and buy a PS3. GOW3 will look amazing in HD.

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GOW III...... come on... i want one nowwwwwwww.... i so cant wait...

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sounds awesome! I can't wait!

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i'm just waiting this game for get the ps3 !!! still owned a ps2 and there are too much cool games for this console!!

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I can not wait!

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looks like i'm gonna have 2 break out the voodoo stuff..and command sony execs to just give it 2 xbox360.......

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lol imagine god of war 5 if there is one it would be the best thing since ummmmm life......yeah

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to be fair the xbox 360 grafics r good but the ps3 is better all round i think this will be the greatest game ever and score a ten!!!!

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No, not physically, but it can be mentally.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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lol weed isnt addictive lol.

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I want this game on the PS2 not just the PS3.

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god of war rules i can't wait for this game so much blood and gore its like weed so addictive

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there should be more new games on PS2 as the number of users are more than PS3. We still love PS2. Scheeraz

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That's what I said too,both the developers and the ps2 owners would benefit if GoW 3 would come out on the ps2 too.

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Alright, then it should at least come on the ps2.

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Putting GOW3 on 360 would be like putting Halo on P3, GOW has been a playstation game from the beginning and thats how it should stay.

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tose of you who think 360 is beter you wrong I have a 360 and 2 Ps3s and every game I have for the 360 have capey grafics and the games I have for the ps3 have way better grafics

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i cant wait for this game

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I just got hired for a new job and gamestop store is right beside me :D I became friends with the people who work there. The manager said that god of war 3 is comeing out on 3/2/2009 thats what they said and am just letting people know :P Can't wait for this game to come out, and to all you xbox fanboys and girls can't you guys just stay in your section and not come on ours. GOW will never be on xbox just like halo or what ever microsoft games will never be on the ps3 :P

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I understand that ps3 is the console of today,but there are more ps2 users in the world.So everybody whould benefit if God of War 3 would be released on ps2 too.Sony Santa Monica Studios should profit at this and the GoW fans too,because not everyone has money for a ps3 but still we want to continue this wonderfull "franchise".

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This a long with MGS 4 will make me buy a PS3. Now there will be good games on the PS3

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Good thing i have a PS3, cuz this is stayin xclusive

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GoW 3 will sell more than Halo 3 ever did, or can even dream of selling...

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I'm currently playing Chains of Olympus and loving it. A GOW on the ps3 would be legendary. As far as the xbox 360 comments, I own both systems and while I ,overall, like the 360 better, this game MUST be ps3 exclusive. Why? Because platform exclusive or first party games usually outshine multiplatform ones. Additionally, SCEA has great experience with Playstation systems and working with the 360 would only draw valuable effort from what should be an amazing ps3 title. With DS3, MSG4 coming soon along with FFXIII, GOW3 for the future; Sony may force me to set down my 360/WII controller for awhile.