God of War III demo on District 9 Blu-ray Dec. 29

Sony's game and movie divisions agree on cross-promotion that will put E3 demo of upcoming fantasy game on same disc as onetime Halo director's sci-fi film.

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Until today, gamers had only a few ways to play God of War III before its March 2010 launch: Get access to a game expo where it was on the show floor or pick up the God of War collection on November 17. The collection bundles HD versions of the first two critically acclaimed games with a demo of the upcoming PlayStation 3 sequel.

Now, Sony Computer Entertainment has struck a deal with its corporate sibling Sony Pictures Entertainment to bring the God of War III demo to movie fans. When it goes on sale on December 29, the Blu-ray edition of the summer sci-fi hit District 9 will include the demo--which is the same E3 demo included in the God of War Collection--amongst its bevy of extras. Those pack-ins will also include an interactive map of the South African metropolis of Johannesburg, where the film is set.

Not even District 9's defenses can contain Kratos.
Not even District 9's defenses can contain Kratos.

The inclusion of the God of War III demo appears to be an astute move by Sony, since District 9 was of particular interest to gamers. Besides its cutting-edge special effects, the film drew attention because its freshman director, Neill Blomkamp, had been slated to helm the Halo film. However, following the big-screen game adaptation's collapse in 2006, its executive producer, Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, helped Blomkamp get financing for District 9.

The District 9/God of War III deal is the latest game-movie Blu-ray crossover. In 2007, the PS3 edition of Stranglehold included its film inspiration, the 1992 Hong Kong action epic Hard Boiled, on the same disc. In July, the PS3 edition of Watchmen: The End is Nigh Complete Experience included the Blu-ray edition of the Warner Bros. film Watchmen, based on the comic book of the same name. Sony has also said it is planning a line of game/movie Blu-ray discs that would include both film-based games and their big-screen inspirations--or vice versa.

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