God of War five-pack, Infamous compilation hit PS3 for $40

PlayStation Collections software line launches Aug. 28 with budget-priced compilations of all past non-cellphone God of War, Infamous titles plus bonus content.


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Gamers who have never played a God of War or Infamous title may want to wait until later this month to begin their digital journeys. This morning, Sony announced a new PlayStation Collections software line, which will launch for the PlayStation 3 August 28 with the God of War Saga and the Infamous Collection for $40.

It's summer, but Sony is bundling up.
It's summer, but Sony is bundling up.

Inside the God of War Saga (rumored last week) is the original God of War, God of War II, God of War III, and the God of War: Origins Collection (which includes PSP games God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta). Additionally, the God of War Saga packs in unspecified "exclusive bonus content" and a one-month PlayStation Plus trial voucher. All games in the God of War Saga have been remastered for high-definition, and include Trophy support, and 3D functionality (for God of War: Origins Collection only).

The Infamous Collection packs in the original Infamous, Infamous 2, the standalone Infamous: Festival of Blood downloadable expansion, extra missions, and additional character costumes, power-ups, and weapon styles.

Sony also said that "select titles" from the God of War Saga and Infamous Collection will be available individually--without any of the extra content--through the PlayStation Store. No prices were provided. Additionally, it appears the PlayStation Collections line will grow, as Sony said gamers can expect news in the coming weeks of what other franchises the company will bundle together.

Lastly, Sony reiterated that the Ratchet & Clank Collection will arrive on August 28. That PS3 pack contains PlayStation 2 Ratchet & Clank games: Ratchet & Clank, Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, and Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. These games have been updated with Trophy and 3D support and come by way of Pain developer Idol Minds.

[UPDATES AND CORRECTIONS] After the publication of this story, Sony revealed it had made a typo in its original reporting regarding 3D support for God of War III. God of War III will not support 3D, but God of War: Origins Collection will. Additionally, the original version of this story listed the God of War Saga and Infamous Collection as retailing for $30. The bundles in fact retail for $40. GameSpot regrets the error.

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Please make an HD collection for Dark cloud 1&2 as well as a Kingdomhearts HD collection with 1&2 as well as the PSp ports.

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Is this lawyer guy serious? So a game purported to have 3D doesn't have it and you can take Sony to court for an error? WTF is wrong with this country?

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Hi, I am one of the consumer protection lawyers at Girard Gibbs LLP. We’re looking into the advertising of God of War Saga –that it was promoted as having a 3D version of God of War III but which is actually not 3D compatible. We understand some customers may be upset about this and we are interested in talking to anyone who has been affected. If you want to spend a couple of minutes letting us know your story, feel free to email (ctc@girardgibbs.com) or call (866-981-4800).


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When does the inFAMOUS Collection release in India, i never got a chance to play both the inFAMOUS games and i would love to buy it. Somebody please reply i have been waiting.

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Why won't they release San Andreas for PS3?

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but rockstar should have gave wii gta vc sa and 3 , or give wii u a gta iv /v collection

Avatar image for mariokart64fan

darkchoas rockstar did this for gta , it was called gta trillogy released on xbox and ps2 they also have a 2 pack for psp and ps2 that included their respective vcs and lcs games

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Why can't Rockstar do this withe the GTA series?

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Why can't sqaure do this for FF Series?

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Sony give us Kingdom Hearts HD already...

Avatar image for darthkaiser

I need to see the "extra" content in order to go for the complete saga

Personally I prefer to buy individual games

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i have a better idea:buy the gow collection then use the psn+ trial to download infamous 2 for free

= profit (sort of)

Avatar image for godofwarbfcodfa

@HyabusaRyu lol good idea but then youll have 1 month to finish the game before it gets locked

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Worth buying~ for those never play them.

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Can get retail copy of God war/Infamous HD collection at the stores that sale games?

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Any word of what the Exclusive God Of War content are they releasing in the Saga?

I'm going to be so pissed of if they release some actual level or playable content exclusively to this. Way to tell long time fans that they now get screwd and can't get it.

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Would these be psn purchases?

Avatar image for Aero_21995

@silent_death555 Yup, PSN purchases would be available, a month after release.

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Honestly, Sony is getting a bit ridiculous with these HD collections, but at least they're good collections. If you haven't played GoW ever...you'd be crazy not to get this bundle.

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@thetravman I'Ve finished one and liked it. Played the second pretty much and the 3rd just a demo... How many canon games of GOW is there anyways ?

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@Frame11 @thetravman I know this is a late reply but You will need to play all of them to fully understand the story. the psp are just ports to the story, but very important subplots to some things that you will find in GOW 3 and ascension

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@Frame11 @thetravman all of them.

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This looks cool.

Avatar image for Spartan765

looking forward to the infamous collection.

Avatar image for TAMKFan

Nice. I only have God of War III and have wanted the other God of War games. Now I can just wait for this to come out.

Avatar image for Warsilver

Wow... too bad I already have every game in the bundle.. except the PSP games..

Avatar image for KidX13


You mean i bought all the god of war games separately for nothing?

Great now my copies are worthless...

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Great news for those who don't already have these titles. I have GoW I-III in HD already. As well as inFamous, freebie from Sony. So I most likely wont be getting these.


The Ratchet collection is primed to be added to my library.

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Pretty Sweet deal, especially for new fans! :P

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I've been considering buying The Origins Collection, but I'll wait for this. Much better deal.

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Sony releasing bargains like this = Sony considering when they will announce their new console.

On a serious note though the GoW package is just too good to miss. I have the third iteration but will go for this on its release.

I would love to see a complete Metal Gear package which includes Metal Gear 1+2, Metal Gear solid Snake (SNES), Metal Gear Solid 1-4, Peace Walker, Portable ops 1+2. A lot of games and I would pay handsomely for this compilation of classics.

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@gotrekfabian Yeah, I'd at least like Portable Ops ported as a PSN download to go along with Peace Walker, just can't play fluidly using that crappy PSP controls. And for Kojima to just remake the old MSX games and expand on them to flesh out such a huge missing gap in the story, which was only delivered by dialog boxes and text limitations.

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Xenosaga Trilogy Uncensored HD Collection, anyone?

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I'm torn. I bought the first two as digital downloads less than a month ago. I had planned on getting GOW3, Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus all as digital downloads, but now, it will cost me more to do that than to get the disc. So I either spend more for the last three, or I spend less to get two games I've paid for already. WHAT DO I DO?

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@FlakeyCrust Pay less and get more of course! No brainer really, depends on whether you can wait for its release mind. If you buy the disc there is also the option to sell it on after you have enjoyed its pleasure. Something (not yet) possible with electronic media.

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I definitely love this idea :) my wishes are:

Ratchet and Clank Future Bundle

all LEGO games MEGA bundle :P :)

Mass Effect bundle INCLUDING the first one!

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Thats a very good deal for the ppl who dont have any of the games.

Avatar image for AngelCage-2

Not bad, i still want this for VITA, but for $40 is a no-brainer. Amazing games at a cheap price only for people who don't have yet the games. I only have GOW1, 3 and CoO BUT my PS2 and PSP died long ago so im thinking on get this.

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I'm willing to bet both EA & Activision COD and BF would of tried doing this bundle thing as well, if it wasn't for them closing down online servers of old games. :P

Avatar image for Falcon_Punch7

@servb0ts And most likely they would realise they can't bundle the COD series because the fans might finally realise they are re-packaging the same game over and over

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so I just got a used PS3 with GoW3 for 15bucks and I gotta say its one of the most beautiful and awesome game ever. Kratos IS a god. is this worth purchasing?? are the prequels as beautiful as the 3rd? as bloody,awesome as GoW3? for 40$ seems interesting

Avatar image for inkyspot


Damn I wish I could find a deal like that.

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

@GamerOuTLaWz The prequels aren't as visually spectacular as III as they were originally made for PSP. They're still stunning when taking that into consideration. They're probably on par with God of War and II, if not slightly better. $40 for all five GoWs is a cracking price and well worth it.

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They need to make a Persona HD Collection as well.

Can't wait to see Persona 3 and 4 on the PS3 as HD remakes. Would be something good for them to release just in time for when Persona 5 hits.

They also need to make Valkyria Chronicles Collection, with VC1, 2 and 3... This way they can bring the second and third game which are PSP Japan only release over to the west.

Sorry for off-topic :P

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@b0sse Agree Persona & VC HD collection sounds nice.

4 collection I want most in HD..

Megaman Legends 1-2 & Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

The Tecmo Deception series 1-4 fully mastered and analog playable.

PS2 The Tecmo Fatal Frame Trilogy HD.

The Tenchu Series HD.

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Will definitely buy GOW Saga but I'll skip Infamous. My only complaint is why GOW Origins are not on disc.

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

@StonedTrini2 They're not? Does that mean they're downloadable?

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@PlatinumPaladin Yes according to PSBlog