God Of War Dev's Canceled Sci-Fi Game Allegedly Has Huge Art Leak

Lots of concept art from Sony Santa Monica's canned game has reportedly leaked.


Images alleged to be concept art from Sony Santa Monica's canceled sci-fi game have leaked.

The images were first spotted by Nerdleaks, which says the pictures were published by a former employee who was working on the game before leaving in 2014. The complete gallery have since been backed up on Imgur (via Eurogamer).

Nerdleaks goes on to reveal more information about the canned project. The game was apparently futuristic, with dinosaur-like enemies and a heavy emphasis on exploration.

The project, which was apparently codenamed Darkside, was in development at God of War studio Sony Santa Monica. The game was canceled in 2014 after a round of layoffs at the company, and it had apparently been in development since God of War III. It remains unclear why the project was canceled.

Sony Santa Monica's current project is PS4's God of War, announced at E3 2016. The game's director, Cory Barlog, says it will offer a "more diverse emotional palette" than previous God of War games.

Barlog has previously spoken to GameSpot about the challenge of making people take Kratos seriously. He's also talked about reinventing Kratos and the series' perspective.

We also know the game will be set after the events of third game, and it won't feature an open-world--though Barlog did say it was "open." It won't feature the original Kratos voice actor, T.C. Carson--the role has instead been taken over by Stargate SG-1 actor Christopher Judge.

The new God of War will not feature any multiplayer, much like the next big PS4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn.

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