God of War dev reveals PS4 game The Order: 1886

Ready at Dawn unveils The Order: 1886 at Sony E3 media briefing.


The Order: 1886

The next game from God of War PSP developer Ready at Dawn has been revealed as PlayStation 4 action-shooter The Order: 1886.

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A trailer for the game was shown during Sony's E3 media briefing tonight. The video was set up by voice-over that teased the following:

"It is a new world for us, for all of us; an age of scientific marvels," a voice said. "And yet, underneath the brass and steel the old struggle endures."

The game is set 40 years after the Industrial Revolution. Gamers play as a knight, a member of an ancient order, and must fight for humankind's survival.

"You will see and navigate real places. You will not only be a witness, but have a hand in real events that have unfolded," reads the game's description.

Sony trademarked The Order: 1886 in April.

More to come...

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