God of War creator headlining GDC

The father of Kratos, David Jaffe, is the latest keynote speaker to be confirmed for this month's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.


Veteran video game designer David Jaffe has been locked down as a keynote speaker for this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Jaffe's presentation, entitled "From Grunt to God to Startup: Career Lessons From the Edge of Game Development," is aimed at those who wish to make a career in the video game industry.

During the presentation, Jaffe will discuss his journey, which has seen him develop the Twisted Metal and God of War franchises and the recent formation of his own independent studio, Eat, Sleep, Play. Currently, his studio is developing the upcoming Twisted Metal: Head On - Extra Twisted Edition for PlayStation 2 as part of a three-game deal with Sony.

The address will be part of the Game Career Seminar, which runs February 21 and 22 during GDC, held this year at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Other speakers at GDC 2008 include Lionhead Studios' Peter Molyneux, Microsoft Corporate VP John Schappert, Electronic Arts' Sims studio head Rod Humble, and Blizzard Entertainment VP of game design Rob Pardo.

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me too

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hopefully this will come out soon. I MUST KILL ZEUS!!!

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@juliusIII Id have to agree whole-heartedly with every single word.

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I currently only have a 360, but even if it benefits me, Id hate to see god of war on 360. Its always been a sony things and Id hate to see that changed, rather just buy a ps3

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Of course God of War will never see the green(and sometimes evil red flashing) lights of Microsoft, that would be idiotic. Sony has FF, GOW, UT, DBZ games(tho i dont know if id claim those), Ratchet, KH(my favorite of em all) and some other classic series Microsoft has Halo, of course, Geears of War, BioShock, Fable, etc. etc. Why would you want to take that away from either console? Wasnt it bad enough when Devil May Cry and GTA made the jump? Certain series should stay in the family. Next homie 13_9, you'll be talkin bout gettin Smash Bros to another console, and then id hafta slap ya. Keep it in the family yall

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I must make one thing cleared: GOD OF WAR III WILL NEVER COME OUT ON XBOX360!!!! This hapends because is sony the producer of god of war. This game must be realesed this year because is important for ps3 and for all ps3 players like me.

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Go Jaffe!! :D God of War 3 is gonna be awesome...and it better not come out in the 360 i will be pissed....its a Sony exclusive so it will never happen

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God of War will never be on Xbox. It is a Sony exclusive just like Halo is a Microsoft exclusive.

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yo whens god of war goin into Xbox??/neva??

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god of war III is gonna rock :P

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hey 1 question... is ir very possible that in this conference they confirm new games comgin just like they do in the other one, (i think its name is EB or EF and it is always in q3...) sorry but i dunno anything about this kind of things..

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can't wait to see what he has planned for PS3

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Father of Kratos? Man, he must be hella old. :P I'm surprised they don't have Twisted Metal (PS3) listed on the right- it's been all but "officially" confirmed.

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yea...hope to seeeeeeee stuff

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hope to see some great new stuff

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From Grunt to God to Startup: Career Lessons From the Edge of Game Development, man this is a rally cool topic he's taken up can't wait to hear it man

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Can't wait to get my hands on God of War 3.

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God of War 3 will be second reason to buy ps3 after MGS4

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god of war 3 better be good for the wait not til 2009 i wish it was in now

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I hope this game turns out well. On the ps2 it was one of the best games for the PS2. I won't be reviewing this game on my blog because I am playing on buying Crisis Core instead of God of War. To read my other reviews or previews by a fair reviewer check out my page on Gamespot

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Simply awesome!!! Sony + the best prducerin tho world = best serie ever! I love GoW and lorenzo I'm sure u never played a GoW game because we all know that anyone hates it. I have a ps3 and I can't wait for God of War III.

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I wouldn't say the father of kratos. The "father" is some asian guy... [goes to check on the net]... Charlie Wen << LINK REMOVED >> If you finish the game you can see a making of and it is amply clear that the guy you think of as kratos was wholly drawn up by that Wen guy. Jaffe would be the architect of God of War.

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David Jaffe? Awesome! I think it will be an interesting presentation that will be beneficial to a lot of people. Any insight that one can glean from a proven game industry vet is invaluable to those who are looking to try to pursue a career in the ever competitive industry. If nothing else it will help to show what rewards there are out there for people who are will ing to work for them. It also looks like the are going to have a pretty good turnout for the other speakers as well. I hope GS does a live event for it.

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This is good, I just hope there is a 3rd game

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twisted metal was cool during the launch of ps2. it was still awesome looking and fun to play. most games blow it out of the competition today. god of war is a great game though. He has some great ideas going into that franchise

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But isnt it even more fun when a game challenges you and makes you work for it rather than just doing the same thing over and over again. Really I dont think its bad its just well........not that good. Now is it better than Halo? Ohhhh your God yes. I would rather each of you punch me in the face than ever play that disgusting game again. Im sorry I just dont like Jaffe calling himself a "god" of the industry when he hasnt made a great franchise in God of War, he made God of War and then just re-released it as GoW2. Come on, really think about it before you start typing, read this post twice. Think back.....remember the first ogre you fought. "Ohhh man that thing was kinda tough" and then the second "ohh ok now I know how to fight them." And then by the ninth one you could kill them no prob.....so what do they do in the next room.....is it a new kind of enemy? No, its just instead of a green ogre....."OH SNAP! THAT OGRE IS PURPLE! IT MUST BE TOTALLY DIFFERENT!" And then you come to find its not......it just 25% more health. Kinda lame........

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ill hav to agree wit jangowashere

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Yeah lourenzo, I really like Gow. In my opinion, it isn't a simple game. And, the most important: GoW IS FUN, AND THATS WHAT A GAME IS ALL ABOUT.

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I want he to make GoW3 SOO BAAD!! Got GoW2 a week ago, and it is SOOOO AWESOME! Now GoW2 is in my Top 5 =B Too bad it will be only released for PS3... : / Or good, I dunno =P I haven't a PS3, it is SOOOOOO expensive here in Brazil.

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louzero cause the game is fun thats all

Avatar image for louzero

I really want to know: Do you people really like God of War? I mean its a simple game. square square square triangle....copy paste. I mean really how long is the game.......five.....six hours? And the puzzles? Once you complete one room they lock the door behind you meaning that if you are stuck you know that whatever you are looking for (key, switch, ect.) IS IN THE ROOM YOU ARE IN! This is to not only make the game simple but it allows the system memory (PS2 should be ashamed of itself) to be freed up for the next horde of enemies that look identical to the ones you just faced!

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I know this is off topic, but is this the same David Jaffe who was the warden in the Stanford Prison Study? If so, I have to say that he's been very productive with the results of that experience. If anyone knows, be sure to post, please.

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Please Jaffe make GOW 3!!!

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louzero what are you talking about. mad because he made one of the best games ever God of War and the Twisted Metal series is great. don't be #@#$%#

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OOOOOOHHH.....i will be looking forward to this not just because Jaffe may have important announcements probably concerning God of War 3 information but because i plan to study Videogame design and i too one day plan to become a Videogame Designer just like him!!

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David Jaffe is claiming to be "Grunt to God?" Wow! Look its not my opinion that Jaffe sucks....its just a fact. Wow you made Twisted Metal? Wow those games sucked! And God of War, you mean you made a game that people who sucked at Ninja Gaiden had to buy? And this is the guy who has been quoted saying that after one his games recieved some terible reviews that the game "isnt for critics." The last time I checked this guy is just the "Cliffy B" of Sony fanboys. I urge all of you to stay away from this guy. He is bad for you. Hey Jaffe, are you going to make something new and creative? "NO!!!!!!!!! MORE SEQUELS! SEQUELS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!"

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Jaffe kicks ass. :P

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looks like we will get some god of war 3 news! i wonder what the third game of this 3 game deal is hmmm?

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I thought the father of kratos was zeus, lol

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@doctorevol: thx :)

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GDC runs from February 18th - 22nd this year. It'll be nice to see David Jaffe. Just like it was nice to see Shigeru Miyamoto last year.

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Just got a taste of God of War on the PSP which only makes me want GoW3 that much sooner. *horns*

Avatar image for chang_1910

when is the GDC 2008.. i thought it was next month, not Feb. :? @LosDaddie: agree.. GoW3!!!

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Just talk about God of War 3

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I hope he won´t think out loud too much..

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sigh, GS. Twisted Metal: Head-on - Extra Twisted is not part of the three game deal with Sony. Get your own facts straight for once. Can you point is to the games that are part of the three game deal since this game apparently isn't?

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